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Toren Clanship

"It's garbage. Your ship is literally made out of garbage."
- A human to a toren

Type of spacecraft used by torens as mobile dwellings which roam across inhabited star systems.


The modal clanship resembles a large cylinder, sphere, or cone, bristling with antennas, windows, and add-on modules, connected by spars and radiators to a torch drive unit below. As befits the toren reputation for scavenging and unconventional engineering, they often have the appearance of a discombobulated pile of thrown-together parts which somehow still retains spaceworthiness. Size ranges from barely enough for a single family to something capable of holding an entire town's population. While most torens live on planets like other Terran species, a significant minority maintains the tradition of traveling aboard clanships.
No two vessels are identical, all are custom-made from an initial design modified over time. Unlike most other deep-space craft, clanships are notable for the bright and intricate paint jobs sported by their hulls, customized by the occupants.

Power Generation

Primary power is provided by one or more fusion reactors, or siphoned off the torch while it is blasting, and heat rejection through radiator panels located between the crew hab and drive.


Most modern clanships are propelled by fusion torches, though some use antimatter-catalyized drives if they are rich enough to afford the fuel. Acceleration is usually limited to a maximum of one gee.

Weapons & Armament

Not warships be design, most do not mount any dedicated weapons. However, any reasonably fast spaceship is by its very nature a weapon of mass destruction on account of its power output and acceleration capability (making it useful for, if nothing else, kamikaze ramming attacks against fixed objects). Thus, like other torchships, clanships are often required to avoid close approaches to structures such as space habitats.

Hangars & docked vessels

As most clanships are not designed to land on planets, they must carry atmospheric-interface shuttles. These are either docked to the hull in some convenient place or stored inside a pressurized hangar bay. It is common to see a wide variety of auxiliary craft carried for different situations, each one often just as much of a patch job as its mothership.
Complement / Crew
Dozens to hundreds of torens

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