The 541st Year of Rebirth

The Material Plane of Oryth is one of mystery and magic. The war between Hroff and Tok constantly clashes and continually shakes the face of the world. Many heroic adventurers prove the test their mettle against the mythological creatures and various dangers of the world. Will they overcome their obstacles and become renowned for their courage or become yet another unknown name in the past of unwritten histories?

Oryth has 34 Orythians


Relics of Ochrid

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Three adventurers meet under unlikely circumstances and search for a way to restore the tattered veil between the planes.

The Entropic Scourge

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A plague of decay and entropy sweeps through the land originating from the Southern Continent of N'all.


Geekz Anonymous

Broadcasting Info
Geekz Anonymous broadcasts 3-5 times a week!

(Tuesdays, 3-5PM EST)
I sit down and grind out the last preparations needed for the following day's D&D Campaign. Come and join the fun! I love discussing DM Tips, Gaming, and other Geeky Things!
(Wednesday, 7-11PM EST)
JackOfTrades52, AceTrainerToken, Kaizavair, and I play the DnD5e Campaign called The Relics of Ochrid where they attempt to find a way to repair the fractured veil of reality allowing Wild Magic surges to run rampant, destroying the lands of Oryth. It is a heavy roleplay game involving a Goliath Shaman (Zal; Warlock of the Undeath), Genasi Barbarian (June; Wild Magic Barbarian), and a Cervitaur Luxuriate (Adriak; Cleric of the Twilight).
(Thursdays, 3-5PM EST)
Reflecting on the previous stream, I expand on the world of Oryth and plan for next week's session. Come and join the fun! I love discussing DM Tips, Gaming, and other Geeky Things!
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Feel free to DM me on Discord (Zeuk#8343) or shoot me an email at [email protected]
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