Chapter XVI: My Kingdom for a Boat

General Summary

Leaving the temple once and for all, our students find their way back to the Oxen. Requesting teleportation to Port Jalfor to obtain a ship, they are able to get as close as Bhar Thadrim.

At the desk stands a man towering over you, his slender almost perfect alabaster skin sending a charming, yet intimidating air about him.

Encountering a bully of Thalgron's and not tolerating the abuse on their friend, Lunny casts a temporary transmutation spell that removed all of the dwarf's hair which Viska immolated to dust. Xini was sure to send the rude dwarf off with a shocking farewell as they head out of the seemingly xenophobic city of Bhar Thadrim.

After traveling for several days, they find themselves at Port Jalfor. Where they are able to get a writ from the wharfmaster requiring only Lord Alkavisk's signature. After a run in with Viska's family, taking a respite at the inn, and Xini waking up in an elven woman's chambers, the intrepid scholars gather their things to head off toward their destination... The Maelstrom.
Game Session Date
Wednesday the 6th of June
in the 2022nd Anno Domini

Report Date
07 Jul 2022

Oryth Date
Sondis the 8th - Mordis the 16th Days of Ralibis
in the 541st Year of Rebirth

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Sig, Kaz, Dolphy, and I play the DnD5e Campaign called Oops! All Wizards where they go through the process of graduating from the College of the Frozen North and all the trials and tribulations that follow. It is a heavy roleplay game involving eight students, one from each School of Magic!
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