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Flagstone: Dreams of God is a brand new anime themed high fantasy TTRPG accompanied by a brand new campaign setting set on the strange world of Duende.


  • Levelless and classless character development system

  • A brand new high fantasy world to explore

  • Interesting character races and cultures

  • Unique high interaction conflict resolution system

  • Fully customizable spell/ability system



Mana - the powerful undifferentiated energy which binds together the mass, energy, and information that makes up reality. When humans discovered it, they thought they were amazing. When they learned to harvest and store it, they thought they had solved the energy problems of Earth. When they used it to power travel across the Galaxy, they saw themselves as the natural rulers of all they surveyed. Unfortunately, so did the other races that discovered it.

Mana became the prized commodity across the universe. It fueled space travel for dozens, perhaps hundreds of races and powered entire worlds. As a commodity, it was exploited and harvested, not always in the most ethical of manners. When the technology appeared that could harvest vast quantities of mana by collapsing and harvesting stars, the space going races barely thought twice.

Thousands of worlds, including Earth, suffered catastrophic upheavels due to the war that followed; hundreds of stars winked out of existence, and their destroyers cheered, oblivious to what they had done. They ate the drippings of scraps from a feast fit for the God of Gods and thought themselves gods for the eating of it. But what they had gathered was the tiniest fraction of what they had released. Unknown to them, the rest coursed through the galaxy devastating entire worlds in its wake.

In the aftermath of the violent release of so much energy, a new world was born. A world caught between our material reality and the chaotic Dream that underpins it. There, in the protected place between reality and the dream, is the world of Duende.

Core Rules
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Character Creation Process

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