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Captain Revahn Belmont (Reh-vahn)

aka - Belmont the Lovely of Prince's Tower

Created by: Jossmoo
Played by: Jossmoo
Born to the noble house of Belmont and Velanond, Revahn Belmont grew up with a lot of weight on his shoulders that somehow got worse due to his cousin's innocent proclamation that she never intended on having children-- a thought further solidified when she returned from her year's service to the Telda'Velahrn. Expected to carry on the bloodlines of both noble houses, Revahn was pressured into more lordly responsibilities around the estate, which he was loathe to do.   In an act of rebellion and to put pressure back onto his cousin, Revahn enlisted in the Mithral Guard. Working his hardest, he climbed the rank and eventually, his hard work led him to becoming the youngest City Captain of Prince's Tower, a rather dangerous position as it is the biggest city closest to the Räehalian border.  

Early Life

Revahn barely shares details of his younger life, though he did speak of it somewhat to Swan in private. All that his subordinates seem to know was that he was from a well-off house and technically did not need to enroll in the Mithral Guard. However, he did so to escape what he thought was the worst fate as a teenager-- being bound to a desk and papers unable to solve problems and fix anything except through word.  

Mithral Guard

Much like all others that enlist to the formation, he was put through rigorous training and had to attend multiple academies in order to get a thorough education in order to best serve the kingdom. He had the option to take up schooling in the prestigious war academies of Vellaria , but had turned it down in favor of training with the Telda'Velahrn and understanding the threats unique to Arvanoc.   Over the years and through hard work and determination, despite his family's insistence that he seek a station closer to home to one day take up the responsibilities of the Belmont estate and eventually Velanond, Revahn sought out what would be the biggest challenge and opportunity for him. In what was supposed to have been a temporary position, Belmont was assigned to be Interim City Captain at Prince's Tower after the previous City Captain was injured in an elven raid on the borders.   He took quickly to the assignment and after gaining the trust of the remaining, demoralized men, who had been shaken due to the raid as their captain had nearly fallen, he led a force to track down the raiders and capture the elven leader alive. His quick wit and bravery in the following skirmish, which had been a rescue attempt, earned him the respect of the higher ups in the city despite the fact that he had let the surrendering elves gather and send off their dead.   He was set to lose the position to the captain that had elected to return when he had received a request for a meeting. He had taken his second in command with him and discovered that it had been an elf who was willing to turn herself over and testify that the previous captain had worked and contracted mercenaries to conduct raids on border towns especially on the elven side of the Palhnor and then charged the town mayors a "protection fee" to ensure safety. In the weeks of the previous captain's absence, she had worked with other towns to gather paperwork and receipts and testimonies verified by clerics.   She and her town trusted the interim captain and spent the last of their money in hopes that this would ensure the safety of the towns. Honarable and true, Belmont safeguarded the elf (which was an adventure of its own) back to his superiors in Ehranor and still gave up the position to whoever they saw fit as he stated that he knows many see him as too young for the role.   However, in spite of this, he was instead granted the rank and position of City Captain making him the youngest man in the kingdom's Mage Fall history to take on the position and the youngest to take up the rank in the city's entire history.  

City Captain of Prince's Tower

Due to the location of the city, Revahn's responsibilities are in fact quite different to most city captains. Not only does he have to attend to matters of the city (though he does discuss issues with an informal council), he is expected to deal with issues even with the border towns even though lands on either side of the Palhnor river are regarded as "neutral" space. While he understands it is a way to gain intel as well as favor should anything happen if war to break out, Revahn is very cautious about treating it that way and merely offers aid to the towns should they need.   In addition to different responsibilities, as city captain, he became privy to intelligence many others simply do not receive and is even fed information directly from spymasters in Ehranor that work with his superiors. As such, when it comes to making deals with Räehalian forces, he is typically either assigned the mapower from nearby towns or given the resources from the capital.   Over the course of his time captain, raids and skirmishes along the border decreased to bi-weekly instead of daily. However, instead of being small, the raids became rather violent and bloody. Because of this, Belmont had each of the border towns train a small militia as a first line of defense until help could be summoned from the city.   Despite this, relations with traders and merchants sailing along the Palhnor improved vastly in the area as they were able to make port the border towns quite frequently for trade without worry of too many raids.   During raids or when several smaller skirmishes broke out, many elves that had surrendered had merely asked for their dead in exchange for their surrender-- a deal that Belmont encouraged his men to take but still cautioned to be wary as it could still be a trap (teaching them, the heavy-armor-over-a-mage trick).


Captain Revahn Belmont

Lover (Vital)

Towards Evelynn Swan



Evelynn Swan

Lover (Vital)

Towards Captain Revahn Belmont




While Revahn has always been forced into marriage meetings to other Arvonian noble ladies as the secondary heir to the Velanond Estate- due to his cousin constantly proclaiming that she'll never have an heir, he has never shown any interest in long-lasting relationships and only attends them while his cousin was in service to the Telda'Velahrn. Once his cousin retired and returned to the estate, he figured his life would be free of meetings. However, a few months before then, he first met Evelynn Swan who had been assigned by his superiors to assist him with a stressful but sensitive issue around Prince's Tower. While the two verbally swung at each other, they actually worked quite well together but Swan had to disappear during the celebration of a job well done and it was a few weeks before Belmont saw her again.   Over the course of three months, the two met on and off again getting closer and closer with each incident though they did their best to hide their interest in each other. This eventually came to a head before Swan set off on her mission to bring down the mad mage that had taken up residence in Arvanoc.   During this time, both parties unwittingly were being bolstered by Belmont's cousin, Lana Velanond, who had worked with Swan during her brief time in the Spine. The Spine Steel soldier had realized the two's natural complementary nature and pushed them together. At the time that the two met, neither had been aware that the other was whom Lana was speaking of and it was a surprise to the three of them when they had all met together, the other two to humor Lana as they explained to each other.   The relationship between the two didn't escalate into romance until after Belmont assisted both the Blight Company and Swan free one of his lieutenants, Uriel, from the fiendish arm that had been attached to him by Oritris's experimentation. The fight had left each Arvanonian member shaken as Belmont was nearly scorched to death and both Uriel and Swan were nearly overtaken by the fiendish arm. With her mission completed, Swan sought out Belmont that evening to spend some time with him only for the two to finally end up in bed.   Their relationship was put on hold when Swan took the next mission to follow up on who let the Mad Mage free in Räehal. Realizing that whoever had employed her was very influential and high up, she continued with the mission but also to ensure that the wife of the fallen heir to the Dawnwood estate would not chase after everything on her own.   It would be nearly a month before the Swan would reunite with Belmont at Bruderrane when the witch, Lilly, blew the cover of the Mithral Guard spy forcing Belmont himself to deal with the mission, getting involved in the highly sensitive information that the Blight Company and Swan had uncovered. The two would remain together all the way into the depths of Brentinwood-- where the original laboratory of Oritris lay.   True panic surged through Belmont when he watched Swan get petrified by a monstrous beast and everyone did their best to make sure she did not get shattered. She was saved by pure chance as there had been one charge left in a rejuvination pool two levels below which the elves helped carry her to. Alive and restored, Swan fought alongside the group and once more dealt the final blows to Oritris-- who had tried to work his way into Belmont's mind.   With the mission complete, Swan returned with Belmont and the Arvonians to Arvanoc before finishing her mission over the course of the next five weeks, building relationships with elven spymaster, Dolel, and the Emerald Guard Captain, Arwyn.  

Commonalities & Shared Interests

The two very much enjoy wielding weapons and sparring with one another. Swan had picked up a whip because it had been Belmont's secondary weapon which he uses as if it were an extension of himself. Belmont on the otherhand hasn't had much luck with his aim, though he can draw a longbow with ease as opposed to Swan.

Shared Secrets

The two understand that there is something going on within the high court of Arvanoc. Whether or not they can trust their king is a different story, but due to his past successes and the fact that it is the Mesmer that directly threatened the two of them, they are putting their hope in the benevolence of their ruler.   As for state secrets, the two keep their own and away from each other. The only knowledge the two share is when they each get directly involved with the other. Due to the nature of Swan's precarious relationship with the Mesmer, Belmont is mostly left in the dark, much to the captain's frustration.

Shared Acquaintances

Inner Circle & Friends

⦿ Lana Velanond - Belmont's cousin and heir to the Velanond Estate and title

The Blight Company

The adventuring party that had come to the aid of Prilim when the Mad Mage had planned to decimate it.
⦿ Akmahl Kamal
⦿ Saint Portus
⦿ Bello Roose
⦿ Xand Baruch
  The mercenary guild established in Prilim that had been established by Xand Ekherd. ⦿ Gardo
⦿ Cavlihr
⦿ Cavillo


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