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"They're the last line of defense that we have and the first to protect us from the threats within our land."
Captain Revahn Belmont of the Mithril Gaurd

When the sun steadies on the horizon, don't tarry and run home little one(s)...
For should the shadows reach and snatch your legs, all you'll feel is cold and dread...
As when night falls the nightmares rise to face the guard of land and skies...
And though they fight to keep us here, we must help by steering clear...
Though they've beasts & skills & magics great, we must stay the paths and safeguard their fate...
For should the last of the soldiers fall, it shall be the end of us all.
— Stay the Path Nursery Rhyme
  The Telda'Velahrn is an organization both known to the people of Arvanoc and yet mysterious. While many know the group colloquially as "The Last Guard", the people are not aware of what threats the organization faces only that the songs that they use to scare children give a glimpse of the enemy that the members fight each day.   Despite the mysterious nature of the formation, most of the kingdom do believe the tales that there is a group of Arvonian soldiers defending the kingdom from threats unseen. However, many detractors declare that the Telda'Velahrn only accept rich or noble people and that the Spine is in fact a place of both danger and hidden treasure portaled in from other realms leading many an adventurer to pierce the enchanments to seek fortune.

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