Brothers/Sisters of the Null Patron Tier (5$) ( View full size )

  • All "Magus of the Academy" rewards.
  • Eligible for merchandise raffles on the weekly "Gates of Aqualon TV" live-stream.*
  • Shout-out on the weekly live-stream.
  • Eligible for the "Worlds and Words of Interest" segment of the weekly live-stream. (Where I showcase worlds, poetry, writing, and artwork).
  • Get new chapters and issues of the "Gates of Aqualon Magazine" as ebooks and pdfs.
*raffles will be limited to digital content until at least 5 "Brother/Sister of the Null" tier or higher contributors are available.

The Null have great sanctums hewn from obsidian at either Walls of Weltenend (Eastern and Western) where they train in their odd art of nullifying magic and seek enlightenment, ever ready to step in, when magic is being used to the detriment of the human race.

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