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Hílva's spring

Found deep within central Tal Inalia, this spring flows with crystal clear water in a region that is otherwise marred by supernatural corruption. It is named for the legendary dwarven explorer Hílva Kaelgrym, who first discovered the spring in the year 1459 AR.  

Dangers of the rain forest

The rain forest surrounding the spring is typical of the continent, which fell into a deep state of corruption many centuries ago. Mutated spiders, roaming undead, venomous flora and fauna, and a wide variety of dangerous pathogens are among the problems that any adventurer foolhardy enough to try to visit this place must take into account.  

An oasis

The spring itself is likely fed by an underground river that is supplied with meltwater from a nearby mountain range. The waters run deep and cold, and are home to a number of small tropical fish that most likely found their way here after a nearby river flooded during the monsoon season.   Plants grow around the spring in a wide variety, a number of fruit trees among them. The more dangerous predators of the rain forest seem to avoid the spring, making this location a relatively safe place to rest.  

Healing properties

The most extreordianairy properties of the waters of the spring are their ability to heal ailments. Anyone who drinks of the spring finds their injuries are ameliorated, and diseases are cured. The exact cause of this is unknown, and it might be of some interest to research the full properties of these waters. It is likely that the waters could be used in healing potions and salves, though whether or not the waters will retain their ability to heal when removed from the spring is unclear.

Cover art by Poisonedpaper

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Sage SailingOcelot
Sailing Ocelot
2 Aug, 2022 23:14

Hmm...! Looks like this one is a dangerous natural wonder as much as it is astonishing! I'm not sure I like the idea of the mutated spiders, but I imagine the oasis and the healing properties of the water can be very appealing to various people. Interesting duality - great concept!

~~~~~~~~ SailingOcelot