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Whimsy Castle

The waypoint and last stop before leaving into another star system , but besides traveling, is the Whimsy Castle has made the rest of Pluto into an amusement park there are also vast observation stations to view further out into the universe each of these brings Pluto a significant amount of tourist attraction and traveler traffic sites include but not limited to amusement parks casinos alien zoos observatories spaceports TV stations And brothels


Originally founded buy a young entrepreneur in the early 20th century this person would go down in history as being the first official make a corporation to Grace Humanity even before the space age his descendants unknown means but most believe untold amounts of wealth was able to Shield him and his family and descendants of their of from the vast amount of aliens spirits and other General mishaps throughout the Galaxy to Where they got enough pole and resources to actually buy Pluto fully able to we make the dwarf planet into its own image of that design now the Windsor Castle sits inside Pluto as a starch example of you can do anything if you have enough money.

Large city
100 million
Location under
Pluto & Charon
Owning Organization
Mercantile Collective of Worlds

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