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Vogeist are a race that evolved from the ruins of their previous civilization the Vintagist . An apocalyptic event left the previous inhabitants weak and eventually they died out and now the Vogeist rule. Though they are careful not to repeat the same mistakes. The are almost unsuited for war anyway. They prefer to negotiation first Barter second and run away third before attempting to fight. merchants, artisans, entertainers and galactic explorers. certain Individuals have an unnatural physical beauty, charismatic aura and some of the most intriguing and amazing wardrobes in the galaxy.     They love all things beautiful   They love wigs hair and headwear, bald is not beautiful   The reach space by being a megacorp for fashion.   Religion mënyrë

Basic Information


Tall, mono eye'd, 4 limbs, thin

Genetics and Reproduction

7 months

Dietary Needs and Habits


Additional Information

Social Structure

Decan Bi-chasian Deblutaunt Workers

Average Intelligence

80 IQ

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

mono eye'd and emotional sense

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code

A bridge between avant garde and ready-to-wear using various bold materials and metalic accents.


The Vogiest and Vintagist Faction originates from a large colony exploration fleet, which arrived in the galaxy via a large spatial distortion storm dated around 6000 galactic cycles in the past. Vintagist are descendants of those were mainly the upper echelon of citizens living on the colony fleets main colony habitation vessel, which acted as a central city/colony to the fleet as it explored space for potential new worlds. The main colony ship provided the fleet with entertainment, relaxation and areas to do trade and mercantile activities. The Vogiest are descendants of the crews and workers from smaller resource, exploration, and work ships of the colony fleet. Ages ago upon entering the galaxy the Vog and Vin formed a pact of cooperation and co-developmental as one society and Faction between their two clans. While both clans have their own cultural points of view, backgrounds and driving goals, their greatest opportunity for cultural, technological advancement and superiority over the other races in this galaxy is the two clans working together as one people, fully coming under the banner of Vogiest   Representing Gypsies, Traders, Merchants, Divas, Artisans, Entertainers, Spies, Rogues, Infiltrators, Politicians, Smugglers and Black Market operatives. Some age slowly appearing much younger than they truly are. With many playing the role of young Divas and Icons. Through genetic manipulation, cosmetics, or wardrobes they can appear as beautiful angelic beings with porcelain skin and enchanting stares, cute charming men and women who glow of success and charisma, or even dark untouchable and enigmatic beings graced with unparalleled social etiquette and power. Individuals of the Vogiest are blessed with an unnatural gift of flair and elegance.

Average Height
7 ft
Average Weight
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Can be born with spots, stripes or none

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