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This scientist believe was the race or races to come before the current galactic community. The only thing that proves there existence is the several rare but powerful technological marvels they left throughout the universe. Some work perfectly as if built yesterday unhindered by the effect of time. Several races have used this technology to advance their species and colonize the stars. Tuelons had access to faster than light technology, Solvendari discovered a dyson sphere. The Quil lived on a Ring world. There are other smaller effects spread throughout the universe that these rediscovered technologies have affected. With the only race knowing anything about the crafters is the Visarathi and they have sworn to keep their identities secret to all. Even the great minds of the Solvendari, combined with the processing power of the Care-takers can not find further information or clues concerning the mysterious species’.   Despite this disheartening fact, the races of the current time see no problem learning from their technology. While great culture changing tech is what they are infamous for the have many smaller pieces of tech waiting to be discovered dubbed Heirlooms. Though everything that glitters is not gold, these Heirlooms range from ancient children's toys to personal teleporters, what could and would be useful is almost never known without intense research. Though lucky souls are able to find a “practical” Heirloom to enhance their life for a short time.

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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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