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Tuleon: Bone War

The bone war was over the corpse of their patron god, after her passing for she now took on moral life, the decision of what to do with her body was discussed, many thought that she should be built in a monument to her deeds, others burned and returned to nature, and again others wanted to eat her bones stating it will give them divine power in turn.   No one could agree, there a group stole the corpse on night and turned the world against them, but before they could be found they shattered and scattered her bones to every possible point they could in the world expect for the skull which could not be shattered.   When this knowledge came to light, scientist, workers of all kinds, searched for the rumors, value and prestige from owning or returning these bones was immense, the search went on for decades, some actually were found others came with copies, shame and false finds.   Two Tuleons in particular were at the for front of this trying to find more and more shards, going even as far as to sabotage eachothers sites. between each other them 36 shards of the original skeleton was found by them.   This was one in tuleon history that was not overly bloody, conflict were had to acquire a bone shard but for the majority it was one were information and preparation was key, moving around your opponent instead of directly in open conflict with them.   With many more being found over the years, but even to this day no one has found the skull of there goddess.
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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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