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No the jokes are around this planet have not gone away they may have actually gotten worse if the history logs are correct, needless to say uranus has become the butt of jokes since it's colonization what the novelty wore off the planet and its colonies move to a more business-like style wiping the hands of any pretense of entertainment that was one form of people who saw opportunity the circumstances of criminals and gangs exploiting the local populace many didn't want to see such internal harm come to Uranus so Vigilantes Space Cowboys and thrill seekers stepped in to Aid the people but it's a never-ending cycle this sector commander has been rumored to hate his job has every morning he is approached by his secretary and he has to ask the question “What's wrong with Uranus today ?”   O right this is about Titania, to bad Uranus is in the way.

Large city
Owning Organization
Citizen Union

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