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The elemental planes of Theia are home to countless spirits of various shapes and sizes, those they posed no aggression towards humanity many believed them to be docile. This is a misconception for spirits have there own problems. A spirit in order to acquire greater strength needs to feed on essence or wait several millennia to gain it naturally. As a weak spirit they are at the mercy of those stronger and if given the opportunity the stronger will eat smaller spirits in order to gain enough strength to better survive. They don’t have fear as normal creatures do but they know they much rather continue its own existence. Eating the smaller spirit however only gives temporary power, to stay at a higher level one must successfully eat a spirit of a higher level not an easy feat.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction


Growth Rate & Stages

Only grows in power.   Both the Free and Contracted Spirits, have a hierarchy of power     Wisp: Wisps are little more than motes of essence floating about attracted to similar elements to consume and grow.   Petty: Petty Spirits start to take shape of something rather than their original bulb appearance. At this stage they begin to gain some semblance of cognition.     Minor: Minors spirits gain enough power to freely control their own shape signifying a full control of their own abilities.   Normal: Normal Spirits are able to solidify their ethereal appearance initiating a greater hold over then own existence.     Greater: Greater Spirits have gain the ability to speak             Grand: Grand Spirits can manifest if enough elemental essence is in an area that is not the Planes of Theia       Lord: Lord Spirits are able to manifest themselves as long as there is essence       Ancient: Ancient spirits both in age or in the contracted case power, are capable of independent thought and will often question many things.     Aspect: Aspects are those who not only bonded with an element but have a quirk in the way they handle situation a, true personality that only gets stronger with the inclusion of humans and their relatively short lives.     World Spirit: World Spirits journey to this stages is almost incomprehensible the sheer strength they have causes other spirits to hear their voices and obey. It is at this stage where a spirit is the most able to be communicated with as it they were there own person, but the sheer difference in ideals is as alien as those in the stars.   Those, like the Great 11 who are able to reach rank 10 World Spirit levels are commonly considered gods by those lesser than them, But that is not the end a spirit can grow still but it is said that it will not happen in the great 11’s lifetimes, which is equal parts curious and terrifying. .

Biological Cycle


Additional Information

Social Structure

Spirits are usually independent but the Great Spirits have an ability to lead the other spirit of the same elemental plane.


When humans made contracts a second option was presented to some, a human as long as the embedded Agol was receiving Essence they spirit had a greater chance of remaining uneaten and able to go places previously unavailable to the spirit for its lack of power in the mortal realm. Lastly under contract the spirit would grow exponentially faster then it’s natural counterparts, based on the host own personal growth. A contracted spirit usual take the form of the hosts’ desire given a relative size and has a agol crystal covering of some sorta, like the crystal imbedded into the contract the spirit is also in a contract.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Contracted have used the blessings of the spirits since their inspection, creating weapons, terraforming planets and even simple pranks, the spirits are apart of society as technology is.

Average Intelligence

Dog level for most spirits.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sense essence

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms


Civilization and Culture


The Great Spirits: the spirits that fully were able to cross into the Earth's realm from Theia and speak to humanity on how to move forward, now that they broke down a wall into their home   Using there help humanity healed earth, and were about to pledge themselves to a new magic age until the reminder that aliens were out there this lead a rift were spirits were taken from earth on there own desire but to do so they needed host.   Lucky for humanity Spirits initially had no ill will towards to humanity, even those who were powerful enough to gain a type of sentience that would be able to efficiently communicate with humans they held nothing for trade other then power for a healed world which in turn grant them greater power. There was however an unexpected mutation in how spirits regarded themselves after being with humanity for a time, certain traits for lack of a better word rubbed off on the spirits. Giving the spirits a greater personality and greater desires whether then were aware of it or not.

Genetic Descendants
Average Physique
Non contracted spirits take forms based on their environment if they are strong enough to take a form at weaker levels they are simple wisps floating from place to place. Also hold no Agol Crystals in their being.

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