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The Roswelliens are a strange race, they technically were the first to make contact with us...well not use specifically but our cows. Thinking they were the dominant species at the time, since Cows did nothing but eat, sleep and poop. Had males brought to them all their needs cared for by these human creatures, when the discover of the hamburger was made by the Rosewelliens they thought humanity had finally revolted. They found it to be quite the spectacle, they then began to abduct humans, learning all they could, saving their dna and letting them go safely and unharmed.   That is until one of their research ships crashed in Roswell New Mexico. In the middle of a human military exercise. This was the first time the aliens contacted humanity and it was the coming months that human set the record straight. The Aliens now deemed Roswelliens provided some insight in exchange for the new knowledge received. Which allow humanity to advance their own technology at the time.   The Roswelliens respected the exchange of knowledge and aren’t a numerous species. They reside on one planet and send out research teams to gather information and bring it back to their grand athenaeum of a planet (city world). Once allowed equivalent exchange was completed using their psychic abilities wiped the memories of all who saw them and left waiting to see what this new discovery would bring to the planet.   This paid of when humanity finally reached them on there own many centuries later, and the one who greeted them was the same alien who traded information all those years ago. It is known that roswelliens do show signs of aging young members of their species have smooth textured and full looking skin, which might give them the appearance of a doll just with a bigger head. As they age their features get more shrunken and their body more skeletal in appearance.   It is unknown whether the Roswelliens are immortal, very long lived or some how psychically pass down their memories to another body. (They 3d print themselves and send back infomation) But it seems that the Roswelliens do not have a standing army of any kind, they however boost enough technology and knowledge to counter most threats in there system and their research teams will train in physical combat should the need arise for them to use it, but kept at a distance it the best chance for survival. No race has stepped foot on Roswellien homeworld they prefer to met on outpost if business is to be done. What business you may ask. Well information of course. Also with the trade of knowledge the Roswelliens upon the formation of the galactic council will offer their scientist to other races for a modest fee.   There Home Planet is a Giant Shell World, each layer believed to be packed with library knowledge. This planet is surrounded by 15 moons of various sizes, each of which is actually a warship. Along with a numerous turrets along asteroids.

Basic Information


humanoid in stature

Biological Traits

Females can grow a head taller then males.

Genetics and Reproduction

Standard male and female reproduction, though they use artificial wombs to handle the actually birthing process.

Growth Rate & Stages

20 years to reach full maturity around 60 they reach elder status

Ecology and Habitats

Steel and Wires.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat varied forms of flavored protein paste, mineral puddings, and yogurt, when asked how they made yogurt, "What did you think we did with all the cows?"

Additional Information

Social Structure

Division Head Archivist Researcher

Average Intelligence

130 IQ

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Male names end in Ux, female names end in Po

Beauty Ideals

It's not the looks that matter, if about there brain and personality but most brain.

Gender Ideals

They seem truly gender equal.

Courtship Ideals

Courtship is for the continuation of the race.

Average Technological Level


Common Dress Code

Jump suits with vars designs


Born of biopods they were the already denizens of their world Athenaeum but head no memory or prior knowledge as to why they were there. They took to the machines and technology the world left behind naturally though as if it was there's.   In wake of having no purpose they set out to make one, the acquirement of knowledge.

Average Height
3.5-5.5 FT
Average Weight
100 lbs

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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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