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They say that when you are about to die your life flashes before your eye’s. I gasp for breath and my vision is blurred. There is a hot slick feeling on the side of my face. A voice calls out muffled but i’m sure it is calling my name. I begin to dream, looking up at a now smoke and ash covered sky. I dream of when I was younger, how my mothers use to help me study and practice.   “Heal her!” I dream of when I graduated and joined my team, the warmth I felt each night, the pride I had as I protected our home. “I’m out!” voices, closer now bickering, don’t fight I’m just tired, they remind me of my student, quick to freak out, oh I bet he’s asleep right now, I never did finish the second lesson for his form, ah I bet he’ll get it without me. “Get her arm!” “Don’t worry we have you!” I dream about being in between two men, good men, how lucky of me. There’s a gust of wind that hits my face, I’m being moved. Vision blurred as I stir awake once more. Sounds of rifles and large metal steps fill my ears. A small blue blur jumps on a larger grey blur and more sounds echo into my head, explosions, I just want to dream, I don’t want to be here. “We’re almost there, just hang o-” the voice interrupted by a scream of agony. I fall but I don’t hurt, I feel like I’m floating. Is this that heaven feeling. “NO!” I’m pulled closer to something, an angel… it’s ugly. “Let her go.” More gun fire, the angel looks away, I want to dream but my family needs me to stay awake, my friends they need me to stay awake, my student needs me to stay awake. I come to my senses for just a moment floating, exhausted but summoning the last of my energy I call lightning into my hand and reach out towards the angels face. It screams but it only grabs my face in turn. I’m spent, I want to dream again, my vision fades and I start to dream. I dream of my life again, I take in every detail, my home planet, training, family, friends. such wonderful dreams only to reach this point again, what a nightmare.


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