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Moon base speech

As record by the man of the moon base in normal gravity.   Look at me, my people, I have achieved everything I set out to do, when your parents tell you anything is possible, when they tell you to follow your dreams, it's a load of lies. It's it not possible, of course it's possible, many great man and women over the years have achieved there dreams, but this dream was not my original one.   I wanted to be a paleontologist that was my dream and as I got older my dreams expanded but did that original dream come true. no infact for believing in that dream I was sent deeper and deeper into despair and darkness always inconflict with myself trying to detremine who was right, my heart or my mind.   The legions inside me used me as there battlefield for 25 years, and it wasn't till there was nothing left in me that I saw what I must do.   I wrote, I did the one thing I hated the most in the world because it was the only thing I could do. It was at the lowest point I finally was offered a hand to be helped up.   Because those dreams I put on that paper wasn't anyone elses, they didn't have anyones approval, didn't have anyone thoughts, they didn't have anyones money, they were mind and mind alone.   So the allies, connections, and friends that spawned from that paper came from me and they offered their hand because they believed in me, and because they believed in me I shove to do my best to complete that dream I put on paper, when the world was in mist of conflict when everyone was starting to forget about the sky and what lies beyond.   I looked to the earth and saw the bones of not ancient beast but that of man.   So I set all my power my entire being into making sure we did not become the dinosaur, this was not were we needed to end.   I needed that conflicted with myself and I advise all who believe that can handle it. To be look into yourselves. For there is luck. There is talent, there is determination, this will give you success, but if you are like me, who's luck only determined if you woke up the next day.   "If your talents were never curated for your dreams."   "If your determination was broken."   "Then that is your time, to embrace yourself. because your are clear of outside influence you can fight back with out baggage and those who agree with you, those who support you will do so in earnest. "   "For when you reach the top, those allies you gain will be your shield, those friends will be your support, as you look down on the planet you called home."   "But don't keep looking down look beyond, for humanity will not end this day, or the next."   "This base is the first step in humanity spreading across our solar systems and beyond to the solar systems thought unreachable."   "Will I be there to see it no."   "Will my kin see it, no."   "But I'll tell you, this Humanity will see it!"

Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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