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These critters are the Hydari the down right friendliest xenos you will meet on this side of the galaxy, mostly because they want you come on in, they’re planet is open to any and all travelers, need a place to stay away from the political aspects being pushed on the Galaxy?   Want to try your luck at the casinos, we have enough games, credits and drinks to turn you into a Gulurmian Beach Slug in no time flat. On Invistea you can do want. who you want and if you make trouble you won’t even get imprison just serve a short slave sentence (dependng on level of severity) and you’ll be back in the game before you know it.   The Hydari are friendly and a bit cute but they also hold the largest slave trading operations in the galaxy, not even there own people are safe.   The Hydari have a caste system which determines a Hydaris life before they are even born. Unlike some castes, the Nobles aren’t at the top, it’s the Merchants with money being the primary goal one of a lower caste can actually by a higher position though being able to do so is highly unlikely. The logic if you can make it in squalor imagine when you have power. Though that said they are not the most furious of fighters but they do have a strict defence force Superior Champions Warrior Grunt   Superiors are giving orders leading armies and thinking.

Basic Information


Hydari are a race of reptilian bipeds. Outwardly they are large, scaly skinned lizards, ranging from heights between 3 to 6 feet tall. The most distinguishing feature is their eyes; their eye whites are pitch black and all of their irises are milky white. Some males are born with a third eye, a sign of luck and status (totally not from old school inbreeding) and have been known to show signs of mathematical prowess. Hydari have varying degrees of skin colors, usually staying in the green/yellow range. All males have larger scales that create a pattern on their heads, shoulders, back and arms. while females just have different colors.   Hydari anatomy makes them a fairly adaptable people, having to survive in the dry and arid environment that covers 75% of there planet. Their bodies can live without water for days on end and prolonged exposure to the sun seems to affect them little. However, their cold blooded system will shut down in freezing environments without the proper equipment. Leading them to make jackets.   The most notable feature is that the olfactory senses are similar to that of a snakes licking and tasting the air around them for signs of anything.   There planet has a slightly higher gravity then what is deemed normal on Earth and the their body structure is built to compensate greatly.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Hydari have a heavily mercentile society in which personal greed is encouraged. Governments on Choralorafax are generally capitalist and are run by major corporations, a council of internationally appointed board of directors being the closest thing to world-government.

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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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