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A race of cybernetic and nomads . The Hutigane and the Yhulons use to live on the same planet as the Yhulons. Seeming to be opposites of one another they loved to duel with intentions to kill for settle there problems. until the invasion from the Tuelons. When the Hutiganes natural ability to produce a chemical that can be used to cure many different illnesses came to light. this lead to many members of their species have been captured by another race and used for medical experiments. The Yhulons escaped during this time.   The Experiments often involved whole pieces of the body being taken for study. This lead to the Hutigane receiving cybernetics to keep them viable in day to day life. The Hutigane natural chemical also seemed to eliminate the chance of rejection by foreign material and cells.   Some members of the species still choose to resolve disputes by participating in dangerous duels, although the practice is technically illegal. Believing other races just want them for their bodies, free'd Hutigane and isolationist

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Hutigame culture is Tribal. With the Hutigane culture seeming to advance or adapt and then evolve as external stimulus effects or approaches it. Hutigane clans at the Central Galactic Core regions are more active and aggressive towards the other racial Factions, Core clans attack and assault any non-Hutigane vessels attempting to travel within or accessing the jump points into The Core. While many other Hutigane Clans and tribes in the outer regions of the galaxy are more sedate and non-aggressive towards the other racial Factions.   The Galaxy is filled with Hutigane rogues, pirates, merchants, colonists, warriors, vagabonds and individuals who defy all norms of profiling, both Good and Evil. Hutigane can be a great assistance or a dangerous adversary. One should deal carefully with all Hutigane.

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Cover image: by Euderion Thomas Raube


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