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Minerals, metals ,Agol Crystals.

Guilds and Factions

Czar Guard The Risen The Exchange.


The Dissonance an asteroid strip which houses the ruling class of brigand and cut-throat.   Made from the refugees looking to escape the rule of the inner systems, Dissonance was a place that held promise at the beginning, until many people wanted a slice of the freedom of living on the edge without putting in the work. It wasn’t until a person stepped up, hard as nails and soul as black as the space around them rose up, to bring the wild expanse to heel.   This person was named Czar, bringing order and taming the wild expanse, under one banner but before they could cement their laws the Czar was assassinated, and the progress made was slowly unraveled but not forgotten. Those smart enough to learn from the Czar took space of their own, ruling in a foreign shadow off what use to be, but it was leagues better then what happened to those who didn’t learn or follow those that did.   They were the first to succumb to the new ruling class of pirate. The Dissonance still lives to this day as a somewhat neutral ground, though only for one reason. There was a treasure that the Czar, held in the Dissonance hidden behind the strongest metal, enforced with the greatest charms, and guarded by the most pinpoint machines, some say it was his personal ship, others a super weapon to combat the inner systems, others just money.   But it’s hidden inside the Dissonance no one wishes to harm the treasure, for whoever gets it, is guaranteed to rule the Wild Expanse as the new Czar   .   Being mostly in space, the use of spirits aren’t as widespread as the planets, and the lack of institutions dedicated to training new generations in the use of spirits, So contracted of the wild expanse are looked at as witches or shamans, some acting as priests for ships, or guards of higher ranked members of society.       Everyone else is usually Enhanced or True human.

Orbital, Station
1.6 billion
Location under
Kuiper Belt

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