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the revolving hanging cities that dives into the cold atmosphere of Neptune are a Marvel of human ingenuity. The city themselves act as mining apparatuses habitats and transportation fairly autonomously. what's the moon's acting as all others in the Galaxy Carousel is a hanging capital of Neptune itself overseeing gas mining as well as Agol mining, becoming a great spot for crystals without dying a gruesome death.   Because of the Cities vertical nature many of the sections of Carousel are divided up into tears those who have the most polar resources are closer to the top while those with less than prestigious jobs a move towards the bottom that is not to say there are slums in carousel but diving deeper into one of these cities you can see the difference in the quality of life even if it's not the worst in the Galaxy or even the universe. but being a vertical City Carousel often has festivals what other hanging cities competing every quarter of an orbital cycle categories might include cooking festivities sculpting anything and they are invited to a carousel City to partake in that City's entry if the city wins bragging rights all around until the next competition

Large city
50k each
Owning Organization
Citizen Union

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