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Becoming a Contracted

The connection between you and your spirit is one that you do not take lightly, inexhange for the ability to use the awesome power of the elements you offer your soul to that spirit when you die, originally the terms was, your spirit was to be taken to Theia and become a Guardian of the plane you originally contracted too.   While that still happens those spirit who cannot make it to the passage rift usually op to just eat your spirit so to make themselves stronger aiding in survival on it's own or until another contract is formed.


To take your soul offer it up to a spirit usually of your own choosing but certain environmental aspect can limit this choice. Then fuse them together to be bound till dead do ye part.

Side/Secondary Effects

If this ritual is interrupted the targets spirit and body will be separated, but it's fixable, quite easily the danger comes from if the spirit you've summon or another comes along and eats your essence while you are venerable.


First It's stated to feel like you are inside a static storm you hair stands on ends. Second you feel like you are vaporized as you lose complete feeling then their is a flash. Third you met the spirit and a strong force of the spirit elemental envelops you.


The spirit in the area provides the power and if it's not strong enough Agol Crystals help.


It was discovered when the Great spirits made contracts with the first chosen.

Material Components
Blood of the target Spirit to be contracted An Agol Crystal for implanting
Gestures & Ritual
The incantation of symbiosis Magic circle to put your spirit
Related Discipline
Related Element
Effect Duration
The Process last 5 minutes
Effect Casting Time
10 minutes
10 feet
on a scale from 1 to 10 It can be done at level 2 of a contracted power but any spirit would only be level 1.
Applied Restriction
Lack of Essence to much Void essence if the that not the spirit you are summoning.

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