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The Jovian Empire States, the 62 moons of Jupiter are all subject to some form of habitation but the 4 that keeps us in the planets orbit, is what we actively colonized being Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. The Jovian states suffered major challenges over the years but the conflict made humanity ready and able for outer system travel. The moon Callisto holds most civilian life and during it's mineral rush and habitation expanse movement, the first plan for Barnard's star system habitation began. The citizens form the moons of Jupiter can be considered the ancestral people of the Lord Admiral Pact.   Recently the people of the states have invented the very illegal past time of stratosphere skimming. The sport is harmless to the planet but it is very easy to kill ones self. Needless to say that those who do this not only for cheap thrills but black market gambling ring will bet on a skimmers time and if they survive.   Funny Enough the people of the Jovian states are hardy, stotic and self dignigied. Being in the orbit of the largest planet will give you an equally big ego it seemed.   The Io orbital ring caused the system to be independent and allowed furter expansion and colonization of humanities solar system. Mining ships war-machines because of this vast abundance, numerous defenses are placed around Jupiter it acts as the Bastion of the Solar system in case of Galactic war

Alternative Name(s)
Jovian States
Orbital, Station
1 billion
Owning Organization
Citizen Union

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