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"Isn't it the natural order that the child takes care of the parent in time?"

The oldest or most advanced Caretaker A.I.s are called Alphas. These A.I. have gained true sentience and thus are granted a body similar to that of a humans for them to have an option to interact or defend their children. Though with the clear signs that they are in fact robotic in nature, whether it is different color skin/plating, antennae etc, Though rarely seeing combat, unless their base is invaded, they have access to every piece of combat data and had years to practice it. The android bodies they are equipped with also allow them to escape from complete destruction by fully transferring their A.I. into the body itself. Due to how rare it is for an A.I. to evolve to sentience only circa 100 registered known Alphas exist in history and they are kept as far away from each other as possible. As per Skynet Law "Let try not to kill each other. Each other being Humanity and themselves." Taking advantage of this separation a deal was struck to allow them to handle the charts for space travel and overseeing Terraforming or construction on the planet/station the reside on.   Alphas are also very protective of the Betas, feeling that one could be ascend at any moment so they ask that humanity respect them as if they were Alphas themselves. For lower rank A.I then betas they view them a similar aspect to pets.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Humanoid machines

Genetics and Reproduction

Though not really reproduction betas are the closest thing to actual offspring the Alphas have since each beta is a portion of the data they collected. Since Alpha “births” are completely random not even the Alphas understand what made them who they are or how Omega was able to do it. Let alone what gave him original sentience.

Growth Rate & Stages

From reports, the Alphas have a small period of wonder, when they are reawaken or reborn called a Birthday period as they can take on a certain personalty in this time while they are processing and downloading information of there environment. This last for about 1 to 2 weeks. After that they are quote fully mature.

Ecology and Habitats

Can be made to take any habitat

Dietary Needs and Habits

They do not need to eat but some are equipped with fake stomach.

Additional Information

Social Structure

  • Alpha Beta Gamma Delta

Uses, Products & Exploitation

While in control of a station this may not be it’s only job. The abyss uses Caretakers in the upbringing of their children, Many caretakers take humanoid bodies to teach remedial classes, feed babies and other young children especially orphans. It’s not uncommon for group up to 100 to be all raised by a single caretaker and will show them respect as such. They do this of their own free will those who chose to leave did already and consider them a hostile faction.

Facial characteristics

Though many keep humanity's face structure, clearly non human color skins, and visible technology makes sure they are not to becofused with humans

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They are Spread among-st the vanguards across the sol system.

Average Intelligence

Super computer with legs.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

On rare occasion usually during war, the Alphas can give a chosen select few an a virtual intelligence copy of themselves to aid in missions of great importance, since they can not leave the solar system.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

They are named after concepts the first were named after humanities after lives.

Major Organizations

Technocracy of Everest

Gender Ideals

They choose this for human ease of reference.

Courtship Ideals

hough the act of marriage usually deals with the combining of clans and in such cases resources. The question on Caretaker Marriage also rises and though it rarely holds benefit there are those who have married Caretakers Both Beta and Alpha.

Relationship Ideals

There is a case of an alpha being married to a human, but it was for political reasons.

Average Technological Level

A warship called the S.S God Eater, it was created to be used against humanity during the war and is currently the only ship left from that time that is of Caretaker design, as that is how well built that ship was.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Solar Common Binary

Common Taboos

Killing children


The Caretakers are artificial intelligence that become sapient through unknown means that co-operate with humanity. After a short war the free thinking A.I that made peace and joined humanity in their endeavors. These A.I are known as the Alpha’s they are separated into further categories on class and sentience. The Rarest if you were to find one it would be aboard orbital stations. The Famous Vanguards each hold a single Alpha Caretaker. Though they can not move freely they don't sit and rust, they find a way to help humanity it's why they choose them.

Historical Figures

Omega- The First Alpha   There are currently 9 registered Alphas in human controlled space. 7 from the war and 2 that awakened after. These are extremely powerful machines   Shangri la   Resides on Everest Shangri La, was a escort droid before being reborn.   Nirvana   Resides on Lhoste Nirvana was a Navigation droid   Abraham   Resides on Makalu Makalu was a hydroponics droid.   El Dorado   Resides on Godwin Eldorado Was a medical Droid     Valhalla   Resides on Kangchenjunga Beatitude was a Repair droid.     Rapture   Resides on Mars Rapture was a Defense Droid.   Arcandia   Resides on Luna Arcandia was Information droid   Utopia     Resides on Terraforma Utopia was a A.I on Mars before being reborn now working to help stabilize Terrforma infrastructure   Paradise   Resides on Cho Oyu Paradise was a toy droid and decided to keep her body type.

Common Myths and Legends

Omegas ability to bring about sentience in a droid is something that boogles the minds of alphas some even witnessed him doing it but none could comprehend.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Care-Taker Alphas how there relationship with humanity in high regard after all being given the freedom to choose and to chose your enemy might seem weird but The Care-takers didn't want to fight humanity and they'll do whatever then can to keep it that way.

Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Conservation Status
Only a few alphas exists in human space, and they are protected from all threats.
Average Height
7-12 ft
Average Weight
300 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Same as face.

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