The Day of Ancient Tales

The sixth day of Bedlam's Week of Days celebrations. The day is devoted to the Rescot people, known throughout much of Yvard as Tabaxi. Anybody who uses this term in Bedlam will be quickly corrected; people of this species throughout the world call their species "Rescot". Nobody seems to know where the term "tabaxi" came from geographically or linguistically, let alone how it became so prominent in the wider world.

  People of Rescot heritage are unique among the settled descendants of other tribes in that their tribe allows them to visit or return to full-time nomadic living. Some of the tribe itself may attend the Day of Ancient Tales to gather news and offer constructive critique to the settled folk regarding their representation of traditions. No person from any of the other tribes is known to have attended this festival in its history. But the Rescot do not hold the same prejudices against their sedentary kinsfolk. The Far Gone, which the tribe uses to refer to all Tabaxi not living among the tribe, are always welcome among them.

  The Rescot are the lorekeepers, historians, wordsmiths, and merchants of the Sandsage peoples. Riddles, stage productions, history lessons, and other forms of wordplay are the highlight of this celebration. News from around the world is also exchanged with greater frequency.


6th Merry-Moon in Bedlam begins with vertical races. The Rescot are superbly talented climbers, and Bedlam's unique architecture of tall buildings with many connected bridges makes it a veritable playground for anyone who loves to climb. The cool morning hours are better for physical exertion, especially for those humanoids with fur, so the signal bell tolls at sunup and the climbers flash into motion. The routes are not always the same, and often include crossing between buildings or leaping over/between rooftops. It isn't a challenge for the physically mediocre; betting on the races is far more appropriate to the less-athletic festival goers.

Once the vertical races are done, a scavenger hunt is announced and all clues for it are given at once. They are largely riddles which lead participants all around the city, and they are only repeated again at noon. Anyone who writes them down or uses magic to preserve them is disqualified if discovered. Doing so violates the nature of the contest, which is a memory challenge in honor of the Rescot's renowned ability to retain incredible amounts of knowledge with little repetition or study.

For those not participating in the hunt, many Rescot around the city offer prizes in exchange for wordplay contests, foreign news, or exciting recitations of virtually any story or legend.

During the Week, many items unique to the tribe being represented are only available for purchase on the day dedicated for that tribe. On the Day of Ancient Tales, all of these items are available for sale in recognition of the role that the Rescot Tribe holds as the trading hub between the other Sandsage societies. They serve as a single point where Okisun weapons, Valdéra textiles, and other distinct products can be easily accessed and bartered for. This subtle tradition within the Rescot's Day is deliberately done to honor this lesser-known facet of Rescot culture.

During every other Day of the Week, many of the interpreters available for guests who desire one are of Rescot descent. During this Day, they are available only if you pay the price of linguistic games with them first; impress or amuse them and they will interpret free of fiscal charge. Complicated jokes, puns, and riddles that implement multiple languages at the same time or have some linguistics-related punch line are sure to win you free service.

Another vertical race takes place at sundown, followed by a series of stage productions in several different parts of town. The tribe doesn't construct stages or put on fully developed productions, but acting as part of storytelling as a highly admired skill among these nomads.

Components and tools

Virtually nothing is needed to run the Day of Ancient Tales that isn't already available for the celebrations. The goods representing other tribes to be sold and the minimal materials needed for stage productions are all that are required. The fact that the Day's traditions are largely based in energies both physical and mental stays very true to the people for whom the Day is dedicated.


The Day of Ancient Tales is the penultimate celebration during the Week of Days and always occurs on 6th Merry-Moon.
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