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The Boiled Acorn

Historical Overview



  The one structure outside of the city that was spared by the Free Company, the Boiled Acorn is the oldest tavern around. The structure itself was constructed, according to local legend, in the 200s of the Age of Rule. Centered around an ancient pear tree, the tavern has sprawled outwards, and upwards, into its modern form.  


  The structure itself builds upwards from its ancient stone base, with wooden floors rising three stories above. On the second floor, a bridge crosses over a path leading to stables in the back, and joins up with a second, later building. In the other, more rooms are found, not just hostel rooms for travelers, but more long-term rentable rooms as well.  

Front Room

  Accessed immediately off the street, the corner entrance opens into a room jam-packed with tables. To the right of the doorway is a hexagonal wooden stage, a few inches off the ground, frequently populated by both noted local and traveling performers, as well as random patrons. At the far end of the room is an old, wooden bar, flanked on either side by small hallways leading towards the Old Bar. The walls of this room are decorated with various old trinkets and tapestries depicting sights in the Vinelands, all illumined by the warm light of twin fireplaces on opposite walls.  

Old Bar

  The Old Bar is accessed through a rear door, accessible only to those who are long-time patrons, so as to give them an escape away from travelers. It somewhat mirrors the front room, with a bar at the far end from the door, flanked by two hallways connecting to the front. In the square formed by the hallways is the kitchen, between both bars. This room is much warmer than the opposite bar, full of locally significant art and heirlooms, many referencing centuries of inside jokes known only to regulars.  

Upper Floors

  Accessed from a staircase off one of the hallways connecting the two bars, the upper floors above the original building are largely for travelers. A wooden bridge, overlooking the path leading from the road to the stables, joins the original structure to one mainly for longer-term residents. On the first floor of this structure is an old, but not nearly as ancient, general store.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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