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  Acornbread sounds like a delish version of bread, nutty and full of extra flavor. However, it is less a delicacy and instead, a last resort. Acornmill's history is full of siege, retreats, and famine. Founded by a house always on the run, on a cursed tract of land, next a lake that periodically runs low on fish, an emergency source of food was needed. In steps the Acorndole, a required quota of acorns, sufficient to last two years, and converted to acornbread for those in need.
"Taegeupon yours, the waters shall recede until even the rivers are cowering before me, babbling children will be all who inhabit here." - Engirim Sanguinaire to Cyldaan Cyrton
As the threat to Acornmill has faded and the town has grown more established, the taste of acornbread is less associated with trying times. While it's still given out to fishermen every three years, during poor fishing seasons, cooks have been able to explore acorn as an ingredient. The acorns of the southern Vinelands' have a nutty taste, with little bitter tannins, and have allowed for acornbread variants sold as delicacies. These are prepared more like traditional bread, with acorn as an addition, not the base.  


  Acorns from the white oaks in the southern Vinelands are collected when they fall from trees, or knocked loose if quotas have to be met. The ideal acorn has the cap attached and has no holes, indicating a lack of worms. Once collected, they are dried and stored for upwards of two years, as part of the town's defenses. When needed, the acorns are shelled and ground into a fine powder. This powder is leeched slowly of its tannins, in a pot with hot water, and the tannin-water is then used to treat textiles for dyeing.   Once this powder is acquired, two pounds will create about three cups, which replaces the flour of traditional bread:   Mix together 6 cups of acorn flour, a half tablespoon of salt, and mix in water, then add, barm. Knead well and add more water until desired consistency, cover with a cloth, and leave to rise overnight. Knead again and shape the loaves, bake at 400 for 45 minutes.
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Consumable, Food / Drink


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