The ones you can't defeat

The Ventrue belong to the oldest known clans in the world and are one of the proudest and most power-conscious. Its members are encouraged to always position themselves as honourable, distinguished and good leaders. Noblesse oblige could be heard from many Ventrue, whether they are young or old.

A proverb among Vampires says that Ventrue always win, and that's true. They are the rulers, the kings, lords and generals of the damned who finish what others have started. And when they have done so, they claim their price. Always. Who always wins does not fear conflict - and today too many have forgotten what nobility once meant.

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Regere Sanguine Regere In Veritatem Est

Founding Date
Political, Family
Alternative Names
Clan of Kings
Prefered Abilities
Presence or Resolve
Dominate, Relilence, Majesty
Clan Bane
Ventrue can only drink from a certain kind of prey.

Members of Clan Ventrue

Cover image: Species by Susanne Lamprecht


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