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The Humanar

The Humanar were the eighth race of Astralar to appear at Cartyrion and begin to make their mark upon the world. By this time, the world already populated with Alev, Dwalev, Duagan, Orok, Felisean, and Giantkind, but it was the Taxlatl, and the fact that the lizardfolk were already developing a civilization that brought concern to Prominion and Caronalyn, the strongest of the Humanar. Thus, the Humans they created were instilled with a strong desire to better themselves, and to work together in community fashion.

They succeeded in their goals - their Human children expanded rapidly, building settlements as they went. But Caronalyn felt that perhaps the Humans were too focused on advancement and not enough on rewarding themselves for achievements. And so she created the Halflings - a People that were also innately driven to work together in communities, but who also knew how to have a good time.

The Deities

Caronalyn, along with Prominion, Awakened the Humans. Later, she Awakened the Halfling People. She is their goddess of family, freedom, healing, and protection.

Ceartes is a god of justice and perfection, but also of pain, truth, tyranny, and zeal.

Jocundalyn is a goddess of indulgence, secrecy, trickery, and wealth.

Multatlius is a god of nature, family, healing, luck, and wealth.

Praelius is a god of ambition, might, and zeal, but also of destruction.

Prominion, along with Caronalyn, Awakened the Human People. He is a god of confidence, creation, and perfection, and also a patron of cities.

Somnion is a god of dreams and nightmares, also of darkness and death.

Venatrix is a goddess of the hunt, nature, and travel.


There are three large, organized religions devoted to the Humanar Deities: The True Church of the Humanar was the first, and is still the largest of the three. It is the State Religion of the First Kingdom of Humankind and claims to have been established by Ancelin of Highhill, the founder of the first Human settlement not long after their Awakening.

The The Enlightened Church of the Humanar broke away from the True Church after the The Great Strife, believing that the Human-centered True Church had too strict an interpretation of the guidelines that St. Ancelin had laid down. This faith is centered in the The Grand Duchy of Elvenpass, itself a breakaway region from the First Kingdom.

The Reformed Church of the Humanar is yet another breakaway that shares much of the history and tradition of the True Church. The Reformed Church is the faith of the frontier, however. While some important rituals are preserved, there is much less emphasis on ritual and tradition, and more on trying to live by the words of St. Ancelin.


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