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Supper at the Almost Home Tavern

s the working day draws to an end, a Halfling's thoughts drift toward a pleasant evening spent among family and friends. But first, a little something for the energy boost needed to ensure happy spirits and cheerful responses when the little ones crowd around their parent who has been out all day earning the family bread. Almost Home provides an excellent Supper for just that purpose. It is served during the Dusk Watch hours, and helps ensure that a Halfling is properly fueled up for the hours of sharing company (and more meals) ahead.

The meal served for Supper is essentially the same as that for lunch, except that a bowl (for the single serving) or crock (for the table serving) of a hot, herb-filled soup is added in. Usually a stock derived from either poultry, venison, or rabbit, the soup includes small bits of meat and diced vegetables.


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