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Lunch at the Almost Home Tavern

hen the Midday Watch rolls around, it's time for Lunch at the Almost Home. A lighter, less formal affair than Brunch, a good Halfling Lunch is just what the working folk need to refuel after half a day of work in the shops and marketplaces.

A single order of Lunch will bring three thick slices of fresh bread, several cold slices of roasted boar and venison, a slab of hard cheese, a filet of lake trout that has been batter dipped and fried, and a ladle of fried diced potatoes. A bowl of baked white beans cooked in a thick vegetable sauce will accompany the dish. Another bowl of seasonal fresh greens decorated with thin rings of onion and slices of hard-boiled eggs is also provided. Butter, a malt vinegar-based brown sauce, and a small bottle of imported goblin pepper sauce are served on the side.

A table order will bring a full loaf of bread, separate plates filled with boar and venison slices, a full wedge of hard cheese, and a platter of fried fish filets, along with a large bowl of fried potatoes, an even larger bowl of fresh greens, and a crock filled with baked beans. Larger portions of the side servings are provided with table meals, of course.


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