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The Golden Grove is the most beautiful place in the Feywood, but it is also potentially the most dangerous. That is, of course, if you are not of the Fey, or you do not have the best of intentions. The Grove has guardians, a pair of creatures that will be found no place else on all of Cartyrion. The Elves of Fey Haven call these creatures Manticorns, and they are the reason why, for a change, I will not entreat my readers to go see the Grove as I have seen it. Take my word for it - it's beautiful. But most of you would not survive seeing it.
— Khala the Traveler in The Traveler's Guide to the Feywood
The The Golden Grove is a wondrous place, but it is also a potentially deadly one thanks to the pair of creatures that guard it against intrusion by any not deemed worthy. Two creatures are perpetually on guard to ensure that the secrets of the Grove remain secrets. Placed there by the The Alevar deity Berdea himself, they ensure that only the Fey, and the Elves who have made the Feywood their home are permitted to enjoy the special gift that the Grove represents.

The Manticorn is a creature that was completely unknown to the World - except to the Elves of Fey Haven and the Fey themselves - until Khala the Traveler reported on its existence. The two creatures she described are the only two known examples of the creature in all of Cartyrion.

Physical Description

Most of the Manticorn resembles the wild bison hunted by the Orcs on the plains of southern Lanlokan - except that they are almost half again as large as the biggest of the bison among the Lanlokan herds. Coloration is different too; instead of a rich brown coat, the fur covering the Manticorn is golden yellow. The thick, matted "mane" fur is slightly darker in color than the short, coarse body fur.

But the most significant differences between Manticorn and bison - and the most obvious - are the two large, gold-colored wings folded across the Manticorn's back, and the single long, straight, ivory-white spiral of a horn affixed atop its head instead of the two bovine curved horns of the more mundane creatures. The wings grant the creature the power of at least limited flight. The horn is at least three feet long itself, and is positions so that it is leveled like a knight's lance when the creature drops its head to charge.

Encountering the Manticorn

A visitor approaching the Golden Grove will most likely not detect either of the two Manticorns residing there. The creatures are unnaturally stealthy, and blend in so well against the golden backdrop of the glittergem trees and sparklegrass as to be undetectable. But any visitor should assume that the creatures have detected them. Their sense of smell is quite acute, and they are capable of detecting even the slightest unnatural motion in the treeline that forms the outer boundary ring of the grove area.
Always On Guard
Species Designation
Fey Beast
Anatomical Configuration
Technically, Hexaped;
(four-hooved quadruped with two feathered wings)
8ft (2.5m) at the shoulder;
8ft (2.5m) head-to-tail
approx 4000lbs (1800kg)
golden yellow fur; golden eyes
Unique to the Golden Grove, Feywood
Number Existing
The creatures will not threaten or approach until one steps out of the cover of the trees and into the outer grassy ring that marks the outer edge of the grove. Doing so seems to be capable of attracting the attention of one or both of the creatures regardless of where in the grove they are or what they are doing. Initially, one or both of the creatures will emerge from the glittergem trees facing the intruder, and will then appear to sniff the air. Whether that is actually what they are doing, or that is merely the appearance given is unknown, but the effect is clear. The Manticorn is capable of sensing the nature of the intruder from across the green, grassy outer ring of the grove area. If the creature is a Nymph, or an Elf of the Feywood, the creature will remain on guard and continue to observe the intruder, but will make no threatening moves.
Fair Warning Given
Should the intruder not be either nymph or Feywood elf, though, the Manticorns will snort loudly, lower their heads, and charge forward approximately 40 feet. They will then stop and snort again, and shake their heads from side to side in a clear, universal signal that indicates "you don't want to come any closer." Intruders that retreat at this stage are not pursued. Intruders who stay their ground will get the benefit of one more short-charge "warning".
Fair Warning Ignored
Lingering beyond the second warning, or advancing toward the beasts after the first one, will bring about a full charge of the creatures, who will seek to impale the target upon their horn. Once engaged, their preferred combat sequence is to rear up and strike with both front hooves, and follow that attack with a downward stab of their great horn.
Down, But Not Out
If a Manticorn takes significant damage in combat, it will retreat to the cover of the grove's glititergem trees. Here, another unique property of the creatures manifests - while they are either within the grove's trees or its inner circle, they can regenerate damage at a remarkable rate. It is said that the usual methods of preventing regeneration will not work here - it is a feature of the creature's affinity for the grove itself that provides the regenerative magic.

Another Way, Perhaps?
There are exceptions to the "only Fey or Feywood Elves" rule, it appears. Manticorns are capable of sensing whether an individual possesses the The Acorn Cloak-Clasp that denotes the honor being named a Friend of the Feywood. These are permitted access to the grove.

Furthermore, the Manticorn is remarkably intelligent, and its actions are not the pure instincts of animals defending their territories. In fact, the Fey from around the grove will tell anyone who asks that the poor creatures are actually remorseful for any injuries or deaths they cause when they have to repel an intruder. The creatures are capable of fully understanding spoken language - provided it is the Sylvan tongue of the nymphs. It is potentially possible, though it has not yet been tested, for an individual who wishes to simply visit the grove, and who has no intention of taking anything from it, to reason their way past the creatures.

Pathfinder 2nd Edition Statblock
Manticorn - Creature 8

Perception +18
Languages Sylvan (understood only)
Skills Acrobatics+10, Athletics+15, Diplomacy+10, Intimidation+12, Stealth+10, Survival+10

STR +5 , DEX +2 , CON +4 , INT +1 , WIS +2 , CHA +0

AC 25
Saving Throws Fort +18, Ref +12, Will +14
HP104 - Immunities immune to Charm and Sleep effects
Speed 40ft; Fly 40ft
Horn: +16/+11/+6 [Ghost Touch, Magical] Damage: 1d12+6
Hoof +16/+10/+8 [Magical]

Special Abilities Powerful Charge:: The Manticorn Strides up to twice its speed in a straight line and then makes a Horn Strike. If the Manticorn moved at least 20', and if the Strike is successful, an additional 3d6 damage is done.
Double Kick: The Manticorn Strikes the same target with two Hoof attacks. The two attacks are resolved separately, but the second one is not subject to the multi-attack penalty. Subsequent attacks treat the Double Kick as if it were a single attack.
Ghost Touch: The Manticorn's horn has the Ghost Touch property. Successful strikes with the horn are capable of doing damage to targets without physical form (This includes, but is not limited to creatures or characters in gaseous form or noncorporeal forms either naturally or by magical means).
Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition Statblock
(to be provided)
Assuming you are one of the lucky few who can experience these creatures without them trying to run you through, they are actually quite remarkable, and amazingly intelligent. They cannot speak, but they clearly understand the Sylvan tongue, and can make their opinions and thoughts known with body language. All in all, I must say I am the better for having met George and Gracie (the names the Fey of the Grove claim are what the creatures prefer to be called.)
— Khala the Traveler in The Traveler's Guide to the Feywood


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