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Arabella Whitfoot

rabella Whitfoot is the current proprietor of the Almost Home tavern in the East Market District of the city of Karnstown, deep in the Feywood.

Arabella was born in the village of Spudbarrow, a two day journey east of Karnstown. She and Livinia Barrowfoot, who would become her life partner, left home as adventurers at the age of twenty-two, and spent twelve years exploring the forests, kingdoms, ruins, and caves of Cartyrion before retiring and returning home.

She and Livinia were wealthy enough to retire comfortably, but a desire to do something soon had the two operating as merchants - buying goods from Spudbarrow farmers and selling them in the Karntown markets. Her frequent trips made her something of a regular at Almost Home, so it was not surprising when, twelve years ago, the tavern's owner Elanor Heathertoes, offered to sell the tavern to her so she could retire. She has been doing so ever since.

From brunch-time opening until late until at least midnight each evening, Arabella will be found scurrying around the tavern. She greets every guest that enters, whether they be regular or stranger. She tries to ensure that visiting Tallfolk are made as comfortable as the ceilings and furniture in the tavern will permit, but her first priority is always to ensure that any Halfling that ventures through the door is treated to the greatest degree of hospitality possible. No Halfling has ever left the tavern hungry or thirsty.

Arabella knows most of the Halfling folk that live in Karnstown, and still has ties to Spudbarrow as well. She can be a great source of information when it comes to the goings-on in the world of her Folk.
Current Location
Date of Birth
25 Time of Aanarakka's Staff, 2224CR
Year of Birth
2224 CR -53 Years old
Current Residence


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