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World of Ancient Power Bible

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    Ancient Power has been here since Time began. Humans once believed but have since stopped. Baxter is mortal unknowingly immortal. As destruction and hate increase, will Baxter be the Chosen One and rise and unite all realms and immortals and mortals in Harmony and Love?  

Book Information

The World of Ancient Power is the setting of Your Inner Child, a complete book series written by me, Hunter Hendrick. Your Inner Child is unpublished as of January 2024 but I would love if you could provide feedback and ask questions as to my world itself.  

Your Inner Child Novels:

Life of Nicholas Claus: A Legacy of Love and of Hope (Prequel of Nicholas to Your Inner Child Series)   Baxter and The Mystical Community (Book 1/One)   Baxter as Father Christmas (Book 2/Two)

Beginner's Journey in Realm of Ancient Power

Blessed Be, Seeker of Knowledge! Yes, you! You have come to me to begin your journey into Ancient Power’s Forest of All-Knowledge. I can only bless you on your way. Nothing else. This is your journey! Once you pass through the portal into the forest, you may not return. And if you do, you will be changed. Are you sure?   (You take some time. Minutes pass. You nod and say, “I’m ready.”)   “I, the Guardian of Ancient Power’s Forest, must now complete a ceremony before you enter.”   I grab a staff of crystals and of Ancient Power.   “Hear me, O Ancient Power! Hear my call. I bless (YOUR NAME HERE) once and for all. All their days in the Forest of All-Knowledge of Ancient Power shall be full of Hope and Love. May Hope and Love burn bright Light and Life forevermore!”   As I call to Ancient Power, the forest opens up to reveal a path and I then say “O Ancient Power! You do flow through the land. Now I will send (YOUR NAME HERE) in there. Listen to them and they shall listen back. Only, they know what it is they seek. Please help them!”   “(NAME), I send you in there with Peace, Love, Joy, and Hope. Your faith will guide you throughout the trail. All I ask is for you to listen to things felt not seen. And if it feels right, I want you to follow it. Could you do that for me?”   You nod and ask for Strength and Goodness from Ancient Power’s Spirit. Then you enter the forest with some tools to guide you.

How To Navigate

Blessed Be, Seeker of Hope and Wanderer of Knowledge in this forest! As forests go, there is much here. Paths are plenty. And I am sure Ancient Power’s Forest of All-Knowledge may seem overwhelming.   Where to start, you ask? That, my darling child, is a great question! Readers need to read four great beginning articles before all others.   The first article recommended to read is Ancient Power. The companion article (Belief in Ancient Power) should be read second. The next article should be Christmas Magic. The same companion article for Christmas Magic also exists and should be read as well. It is Belief of Christmas Magic.   After reading all four, there are many avenues to explore. All I can do is show you the starting line. I cannot guide you. Only you know why you came. And only you know where the journey will take you. If you are lost, call out to the Spirits and let them guide you.
        Here as a table of contents to help you on whatever path you are taking.