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WorldEMBER PREP Homework 2023.

It's the most wonderful time of the year again! WorldEMBER has now appeared in the distance.   in the month of November, we either prep for WorldEMBER or go craxy and do NANOWRIMO and WorldEMBER PREP Homework. There is no in-between! But as it's time to crown a new ruler, I thought i would start our homework the ONLY way I deem acceptable!   Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!! Let's deck the halls and sing carols because Santa is coming! Do you think you will make the nice list this year? Are you worthy of receiving a gift? Or are you getting some coal this year?   Whichever it is, I will start out by pledging in the name of Hope Everlasting and of Life Enternal that I will write at least 10,000 (although it will be lerast 25,000) words during the month of Christmastide. I promise this in the name of Santa Claus, Spirit of Christmas, and by the Holy Book of Christmas.   As this community and as Santa watches over my behavior, I so solemnly swear.  

DID YOU KNOW: HunterChristmas1247 actually started long before November! Right after SUMMERCAMP, HunterChristmas1247 began writing articles that were better organized and better written.

Worldember 2023 - Cozy Cottage Enclave
Cozy Cottage Enclave badge by Rin Garnett
The cozy cottage is a quiet place of respite, where we can listen to the crackling flames while wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot cocoa. To enter, you must take the oath:  
  1. I will stop to stoke the fire when it dwindles.
  2. No matter the task, rest when you are tired and for as long as you need to feel rejuvenated.  
  3. I won't force the fire to fit a different stove.
  4. Your pledge is a goal, not a requirement. Your plans are inspiration, not a map.  
  5. I will follow sparks of joy, not chase dying embers.
  6. Write and read what makes you happy, and don't force yourself forward if you're not having fun.  
  7. My flame is beautiful and undying.
  8. Believe in yourself and your ability to create, including when it's a struggle.  
  9. I will tend to all flames under my care.
  10. Working toward non-Worldember goals does not detract from your success, but adds to it.
  (Cozy Cottage oath is heavily inspired by the Camp Chill guidelines from Annie Stein. Insert this badge into your own pledge with [img:5035416], or include the oath with [imgblock:5035416].)

WEEK ONE - Pledge

As per normal Week One procedure, it is time I decide to focus my efforts on a particular area. I would be so offended if I hadn't been planning this since SUMMERCAMP.   (Trumpet Fanfare)   I will focus on Center of Christmas Magic and Spirit City for part of it. I redid my descriptions for each area and for buildings in those areas. So, all that will go into my world. I've also been working on my species so all Mystical Species of Ancient Power will begin to go on here. Please know that not all species are done but many of them are.   If I get time, maybe I will continue to work on other areas but this is a starter pack. I may complete other articles on here as well, but we'll see if I have the time or energy for that.   Week One's homework is almost done!   And now I will type out the pledge WA has so wonderfullly done yet again!   For December 2023, I pledge to write 10,000 words (although I aim for 25,000) of worldbuilding on World of Ancient Power-Your Inner Child. I make this promise to myself, my readers, my fans and the wiIder WA community which is made better by my creative spirit. By the life of thy own blood, I swear!


WEEK TWO - Mini-Meta

HO HO HO!!!! It is week two of WorldEMBER Prep Month. This week, I will write a mini-meta.   SCOPE: What the Krampus am I working on? I'm focusing on mystical species (probably not all of them wil go here this year.) and on areas and buildings within Center of Christmas Spirit and Magic City. More than likely, more objects of Ancient Power will also appear under the head article.   GOAL: To improve my writing and improve how it looks. This long process has been years, decades even, in the making. Articles have improved since my first world. These not-for-visiting eyes-articles will be made private as of 2024. But there sre msny things to come. Good things shall come!   MOOD: Spirit of Christmas (Christmas Spirit Anthem) and   Spirit of Magic (Ancient Power's Anthem)   THEME: High Fantasy   There is no specific place of inspiration for the WorldEMBER Prep Homework but popular media and stories of magic on Earth are used as inspiration.  

WEEK THREE - Homepage Makeover

It's Week Three, Anvilites! As per Janet's instructions and the season for looking at worlds created by this community, we are to look at our own homepage and make it better! The blog has a article on this. This''ll be a page out of the World Anvil Bible/Codex to keep bookmarked! It will also be a good guide to have for our own worlds.   I will say that my homepage hasn't always looked great. I have two worlds. The first one is still bad. Not truly horrible but bad. Luckily, I don't use it anymore.   My new world was bad but I think it is improved. Does it need more to look better? Yes.   It looks really good but I want to reach more people and do this right. Do I have a plan? Kind of. I want to add brighter colors and some columns (not sure how to accomplish either of these). Then maybe do something else.   For this week, I am working on the above. I'll update this soon!   1st Update: I reviewed my homepage on the 17th and 18th of November. I decided to have the blog post be my guide as I said that it needed an update. During this update, sections were shuffled and some re-written. My plan now is to add some colors. I do not have plans for anything else.   2nd Update: I added one color but not sure if we can add more. I would like to do some cool stuff with my homepage but CSS is something I would have to have time to sit down and learn it. In other news, I did post the picture of my pledge finally!!   What I've learned is that we need to spend some time on how our homepage looks. And by extension, our world. It is best if we look at it. Examine it in such a way that allows us to step back as worldbuilders and ask ourselves questions about accessibility and use and if changes should happen or not. Our homepage is also a first impresssion of us and our world. So, we look at it from that perspective as well.  

WEEK FOUR - Final Countdown!

It's almost Christmas and this week is the final countdown to December!!! 2023 quickly came and will soon turn into 2024. But we can't turn the year until WorldEMBER has passed.   There are a few things I might need to know/plan.   The first thing is to plan a time to write. On working days, I will come home to write and start at 9PM. Most days will have a writing time of 1PM. Except Wednesday. That day, starting time will be 3PM. Both of these will allow me time to wake up and eat before I stare at my screen for hours on end. Although I have to allow days for doing nothing or days when I have meetings.   Will I stock up on snacks (food and drink)? Yes.   To help keep me accountable, I will write during some streams. Four special people are to expect me on their streams and they know who they are. I might also pop in to other streams. Although I can't forget to mention World Anvil Friday Stream! Janet will kill me if I don't say I'll join those. These streams allow us to support each other.   I should clean my writing space. I desperately need to. But I will not at this time. However, I will clean/tidy my physical space to allow myself to do something other than look at a screen all day.   I think it is enough to say that this month will be full of ariticles written and that there's probably more to come in 2024! I wish you Godspeed and a Merry Christmas full of Hope, Love, and Happiness!   New Year Anthem of 2024  


Guys or Anvilites, I know some of you know what I'm about to say. But this article is dedicated to my grandmother, Carolyn Hye Becknell Weatherby, who died November 19th. I also dedicate this article to Theron Karman Weatherby, my grandfather. He died on March 10th, 2010. Losing both of them before I turn 30 is not what I envisioned. But I am grateful for the lives, memories, and fun we had with them. We will miss them both as we strive to continue living without them. May they both watch over us!


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Nov 7, 2023 22:18 by Elspeth

Love that you're aiming for higher than your goal. You've got this! Have a great WorldEmber! :)

Nov 18, 2023 01:12 by Benard Calvin "Hunter" Hendrick VIII

Thank you!

Nov 21, 2023 17:41

I'm still struggle-bussing with my homepage so I get it. I had to reference a couple others and reviewed a blog page. Still not happy with it. Just gotta keep at it \o/   The best of luck on your writing, though. When it doubt just get the words out. :P

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Nov 27, 2023 05:15 by Benard Calvin "Hunter" Hendrick VIII

I agree. Thank you for commenting!

Dec 1, 2023 18:33 by Fall

Goodluck with WorldEmber this year! I'm sure you'll smash your goals, but make sure above all else to have fun!

Dec 1, 2023 23:59 by Benard Calvin "Hunter" Hendrick VIII

You as well!