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WorldEMBER 2023 Reflection and Collection

As we look back to another year and another WorldEMBER closed, I think I need to take some time to look back on 2023 as we start 2024.   i did really good this year. I started to redo my orginal world as I wanted to overhaul it completely. SUMMER CAMP 2023 came and I hit gold but did not complete the homework which is fine.   Soon therafter, I started preparing the way for WorldEMBER 2023. And how quickly it came!   I wanted to hit 25K. Did I do that? Yes, because I took that goal and burned it to the ground! Like first week. I was shooting for something I could attain but was wanting to go to 50k which I finally did.   Do I feel I had a good month of writing? Yes!   Truthfully, the whole of 2023 was a great year for me. Except for losing my grandmother. But even that wasn't as bad. We all knew her time was coming to an end. And we're glad she went the way she did.   The rest of this article will be a collection of all articles written in December for WorldEMBER 2023, the annual year-end event or challenge. Below you'll find them.   Christmas Town Central District (FIRST OFFICIAL ARTICLE)   Christmas Eve Command Center for Santa’s Launch   Christmas Eve Launch Center   Santa’s Toy Workshop and Toy Warehouses North Pole Post Office   North Pole Central Archives       Elfin Village Area   The Holly Eggnog   The University of King Arthur's Ancient Mystical Studies   Institute for Merriness Studies     The Father-King of Christmas Empire Plaza   (Next three are within the plaza.) Belief in All Things Christmas Spirit and Magic Museum of History and Artifacts & The Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo State and University Library of Ancient Power & The Hearts of Christmas Historical and Preservation Society       The Quarters and Outer Limits   Christmas Elvin Housing Development   Other Homes on NP-HWY 124 in Outer Limits   Enchantment of Noel Grand Palace   Polar North Greenhouses   Cavern of Great Christmas Crystals   Christmas and Claus Animal Residences   Christmas and Claus Sleigh Coach Housing Complex   (Within the sleigh barns are three types of sleighs. But one type does not count for WorldEMBER.)   Aurora-Borealis Class Sleighs and Claus-Class Sleighs     Great Christmas Parliament     Christmas and Claus Central Dimension   (Under this)   Route One Noel Headquarters   (and under this)   Ground Floor of Route One Noel Headqaurters & Noel and Santa Command Central       Santa’s Sleigh Team   Santa’s Reindeer as descendants     Christmas and Claus Flyers     Polar North Yetis     Grand High Dual Royalty of Ancient Power and Christmas Magic     History of Christmas Valley  


  History of Collective Congress of Ancient Power   Mystic-Protogenoi   Christmas Prophecy #2   Prophecy of Power   Magic Rebirth Divination   Magic’s Final Battle Prophecy   Annual Litha Ceremony   The Annual Yule Ceremony   Auradonian Magic   United States of Auradon   14 Regions of The United States of Auradon   High Holidays of Auradon   Meeting Royalty or Councils BONUS   Belief in Ancient Power       ITEMS   Sacred Flame of Ancient Power Comet   Power of Earth Staff   Staff of Christmas Spirit I and Amulet   The Mystical Light and Life Staff   The Royal Ancient Power Staff   The Realm of Ancient Power Compendium       PEOPLE   Father Time   Mother Nature   Lord Sandman   Mother Goose   Queens Austral and Boreal   Easter Bunny   Gertrude Claus   Angela Holly McDonald Belief       SPECIES   The Fae Collective   (UNDER)   Fairies or Faeries   Elves   Nymphs   Dwarves     Writing Styles SNEAK PEEK for 2024 (LAST OFFICIAL ARTICLE)


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