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New Year’s Resolutions 2024

Happy New Year, Anvilites!!   Before I put ten articles down, I figured I should get my plans into stone.   My first plan is to write all remaining articles. There is only a dozen left but I have some circumstances which means I couldn't write them for WorldEMBER.   My second plan is to learn containers and sections BBC.   My third plan is to start putting final touches on articles ( see Writing Styles SNEAK PEEK for 2024). This is only the first thing. Images are second.   I will also do my timelines. That's the fourth part.   The fifth is to be on WA Twitch Streams. I want to eventually get a Dimi-Mission.   I have six plans and my sixth is to use (read try out) all core features of master and grandmaster levels. I have used most of grandmaster but not all and haven't used content trees.   It is possible i allow Anvilites access to my book. My series is three books so maybe...   The next thing i will do is to continue my sage membership so I have access to the playlist. I made a playlist of some I need to watch after WorldEMBER ends.   Before I continue, I want to present a collection of my articles from WorldEMBER 2023.  
WorldEMBER 2023 Reflection and Collection
Generic article | Jan 21, 2024


Santa's Sleigh is an article from a couple years ago but still loved how E.C.C. did it! Didn't learn anything from it. Just loved it! His articles are really good. I would highly suggest people go read his literary universe.   For my versions, please go check out Mantle of Santa Claus and Believer-Class Sleighs. Two people doing the same thing told in different ways.
Santa’s Sleigh
Vehicle | Nov 28, 2022

The sleigh of Santa Claus, that jolly old demigod, is a vehicle which brings joy wherever it goes.

  Another well-known person in the Anvilverse created this article! She named this country after her (It's Serukis!). It's a small article, a stub if you may, but it has the foundation of being a great article once expanded!   This country is like a location not yet explored. I think some expedition needs to be arranged!
Generic article | Jan 31, 2024

Serukis is a country on the continent of Caia, a relatively large land to the north of the Teeth. Along its coastline are more than a hundred islands in a stretch of ocean known as the Grey Waters.

  Not sure how many know Annie Stein but she has a voice worth reading. Her article I chose, Svetluzka Morana, is of SCI-FI and Fantasy.   I love Star Trek, StarGate, and Star Wars but this is different and even those writing fantasy can find it in here! I learned nothing reading this particular and small article but I think it's worth including!
Svetluzca Morana
Character | Feb 23, 2024

Svetluzca Morana is the emerging Keystone of Saturn. The young girl has already survived one assassination attempt, albeit not without scars. She is the care of Merchant Prince Quo, who has invested greatly in her security.

  This article is also small. Although it it is also interesting! The author, Hugh Pierre, is unknown in this greater community so this is me shouting out to give him a chance. I didn't learn anytihng but figured unknown people should also be highlighted! It is the first article on this list not for WorldEMBER 2023.
Intiñawi Q'uyay
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 6, 2024
  This piece is a longer article and it is also not associated witth WorldEMBER 2023. However, this city was created by GreyTailZA to use in some RPG System.   I'm not sure how well-known they are so wanted to include it. It's a great article! I would recommend you check out Havenport and the greater world of Strathnora.   I learned nothing from this but it's the first one here that I know is used for RPG.
Settlement | Dec 26, 2023
  The Year-Ender Festival itruly an amazing piece of worldbuilding, In the article, not only do we learn of the seven days and what to expect but the story of Casi & Brenn is interwined with the information. Certainly unique!   One thing I loved is that this event brings together *everyone*, no matter who they are. And I love that different cultures have combined to produce this amazing event. You can see the author's passion behind this article and i think it means good things for their world.
Year-Ender Festival
Tradition / Ritual | Mar 6, 2024
  Glowcore is a very short article, unlike Year-Ender Festival, that has CSS in it and in which it also has a sense of enjoyability to reading it.   While I didn't learn anything for my sake, Serukis and I defintely agree this ethnicity has an attitude we both wish more would take and we love what it stands for.
Ethnicity | Mar 7, 2024

A Nisoran sub-culture based on freedom, expression, and bodily autonomy.

  The article, Overview of Magic from the world called Tread of Darknessand written by a unknown Anvilite (Lilliana Casper), is the first lecture given in a fictional core class from a fictional university.   And it truly does sound like one! It's a long article but there's much to cover.   I will be honest and say I haven't read it. And I will also say I am not one who can sit through long classes and do many assignments. My brain is not made for college.   However, don't take me not reading it as your excuse not to read it. I think she deserves every chance to be known, to make friends, and to be supported! Part of that means reading her articles.
Overview of Magic
Generic article | Mar 3, 2024

An overview of how magic appears in the galaxy, written in the form of a lecture on the subject.

  Who doesn't know of TJ Trewin?! I mean he's a hero and well-known wizard in the Anvilverse! He does a lot.   TJ, thanks for everything you do! And I have watched your Sage workshop, "Designing the Unforgettable", and I took notes. I have started implementing some things from that workshop.   Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair is TJ's world primer for Journals of Yesteryear, his new world. And I had the pleasure of total immersion spending 20 minutes reading and admiring in the fair. You did it again! The primer is fantastic! My heart awaits to read more from you in this world.   I also loved the 8-bit version of the world. Helped to make us feel at the fair!!
Goldbrook Annual Guild Fair
Tradition / Ritual | Dec 31, 2023

An immersive introduction to the world setting and the folks who live here.

  Unicorns is a long article that feels like someone has done their research but adds a twist to what we normally know about unicorns (which honestly is very little).   For my version of Unicorns, please read Unicorns.
Species | Feb 20, 2024
  Now I didn't learn much except this taught me that the worth-treading articles, like Goldbrook Guild Annual Fair and Year-Ender Festival, are livelly and exciting to read!   Why? What makes something good enough to tell your friends? I can tell you the answer in one word! IMMERSION!   Whichever way the author does it, the reader must feel immersed in the world through their own ways.


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Thanks, kind Human!   I hope you enjoy this community and I hope you have a good year!

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Oh, wow, thank you for digging up that old chestnut. I had a great time with that one, as I recall, and I'm always happy to hear when things are inspiring/entertaining folks years later. Here's to a great 2024!

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Jan 8, 2024 12:28

I liked your part on final touches on articles since I think that is a thing people don't focus on that much. Actually going back to correct and revise your work is something we should all do. Also amazing style I really like it.

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Thanks! I am glad you read it and commented. I do have new articles but I can’t do those right now so I am redoing and touching up old articles.

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You’re welcome! I do have a bit more to do article-wise but yeah. Just excited to actually have time to dress all my naked articles! They definitely need to look better than what they do.

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Thank you for the shoutout! I'm glad you liked my article, and I think I agree that Solaris has somewhat of a fantasy ethos to it!   I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your goals! I've been working on timelines a lot myself recently, and I hope you have as much fun with them as I have!

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