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Mystical Species of Ancient Power

The Mystical Species are not only creations but living beings from Incantus, God of Earthly Magic and Mystical Knowledge and Isis Mystic, Goddess of Belief and HCC Mystical Motes/Aether. All twenty species have powers granted to them.  

The First Elders of One’s Kind

Prime Beings “Primogenitor, Elders Physiology, First Couple, Race Precursor, Progenitor, and The True First Couple”

  The First Elders of One’s Kind are the original beings of that species or race. This makes them the most powerful among their race, having utmost power and authority over other beings of its kind. And they possess the original or main gene that all others derive from. If they are destroyed, all of their children will be as well. It is only their survival that doesn’t erase their species from extinction.   The First Elders also sit on the Collective Congress of Ancient Earthly Power with the Legendary Guardians of Childhood. For many years, the Guardians and First Elders serve Ancient Power faithfully. They each rule with honor, love, hope, and joy.   The First Elders, between meetings and Summer Solstices, are on Earth or up in Mystic Isles checking in with their children. It is only when Humankind’s belief in Magic declines that it comes to be an issue with them.   The Guardians, more worried than them, already have created a plan of safety and security for the species. All First Elders actually approve of it. The time comes for to put the plan in action. The First Elders return to their isle, Their children are sent through a portal to somewhere beautiful.   It is unknown if they’ll be back. And they eventually return. The children return through portals. The First Elders heard a voice telling them to return and seek out Earth’s Prime Merlinean and Guardian of Belief. That same voice had previously told them to leave for their isle in the Realm of Mystic Isles.   They follow it anyway. They know the voice. It hadn’t led them astray yet.   Somehow, they knew where to go. They find him. All bow and pledge allegiance to him. It is now that allegiance is re-sworn to all thirteen Guardians who they know well. It is now that all elders have to get to know Baxter.   And yet these progenitors were found at the North Pole when the children of Incantus and Isis Mystic come back into the Light.   They then appeared at Baxter’s Wedding Ceremony/Coronation of Royalty of Ancient Earthly Power. Their last known appearance is when Darkness is defeated over Light.  

List of Species

The Fae (Fairies/Faeries, Nymphs, Dwarves and Elves)   Leprechauns (Fae Cousins)   Gnomes and Goblins   Trolls and Giants   Cyclops   Centaurs + Syatrs and Fauns   Genies/Djinn   Legion of Hairy Humanoids (Yetis/Bigfoot)   Mer-people and Sirens (Fae Cousins)   Griffins/Gryphons, Pegasi and Alicorns, Thunderbirds   Unicorns and Dragons   The Phoenix   His Royal Highness the White Stag

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