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Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic is an infinitely powerful but sub-supernatural force of Ancient Power, being responsible for most of Santa’s success on Christmas Eve on Earth. It is of the Light Side. However, it could also be used as energy for Dark Christmas if those of Dark Christmas stole Christmas Magic for their own purpose.  

Magic as Natural Resource

Christmas Magic is a natural resource (termed as Aether) created by human nature. It is the everyday acts, both big and little, of Love and Joy and Hope that become mystical energy to power the North Pole Kingdom and Santa’s Flight around the Globe on Christmas Eve.   Santa Claus is the main user but the reindeer, elves, and his wife AKA "Mrs. Claus" are also able to tap into this power for whatever they need.   Christmas Magic is often combined with Christmas Spirit (often one and the same). Whichever you refer to it as, the explanation is that Humans spread Love, Joy, Hope, and Peace thereby making it.   Christmas Magic often travels up north and into the Spirit of Christmas Cavern. But there are also a few objects/relics. These are used by Santa.   Example: Christmas Crystals and Humankind and Magic Items  

Magic as Extra-Depth

Magic is an entity with extra-depth. Magic is itself a consciousness or living intelligent entity. The magic entity can act on its own and withdraw its support at any time. A subtype is "reality as the consensus", where the fabric of the universe is created or stabilized by what people in it believe.   Example: Enchanted Spirit of Christmas, Iduna Hope  

Magic as Outside-Context Power

Magic is an outside-context power. Magic is the power of a primordial god, eldritch being, or extraplanar entity from outside of our realm. Magic-users or magical items are conduits that magic can act through .   Example: God Deity and artifacts or items connected to Christmas Magic (Noel-Incantus, God of Christmas Traditions and Spirit & The Staff of Christmas Spirit I & II)  

True Believers

True Believers (or Purest of Heart and Faith) are humans, primarily children, who believe in Ancient Earthly Power and Christmas Spirit as well as the other Holiday Spirits. It is their belief that fuels magic, as well as the existence of it.   This is how the Guardians survived after Magic vanished. Since children have the purest of faith, they are primarily the ones who are targeted and so it is each Guardians' solemn duty and pledge to protect the Children of the World.   A child believes because their heart is magical and pure. This is why they see differently. This is why children are often True Believers and have “The Heart of The Truest Believer” because they have pure faith without “The Darkness” in them.   The Guardians know this and they will always protect the children. As Nicholas said but others continue saying, “Good or bad, naughty or nice, We [the Guardians] protect them [the children].”   Children are the first to remember Magic when they see it although their memories may fade with age. Children are the first to see Magic and the species when they returned. Children can also see spirits, people who are dead but not passed over or who return when the veil’s torn open. Children can sense things adults can’t. They know things that adults don’t believe they know.  


Magical and Pure Heart “Child’s Pathway”: True Believers (children) possess a heart devoid of cruelty, destruction, and desolation. Their heart is that of Light and of goodness. It is this that their heart is a true heart of childhood and so their belief in Magic allows them to look and view mystical beings and the species, locations, and objects.   Belief Generation AKA Magical Energy Generation: Children can generate magical energies, the very power that fuels the Ancient Earthy Power Spirit as well as each Holiday Spirit. The Guardians use the belief generated for spell-casting and mystical rituals. They get stronger from the believers and they continue to become stronger, enhancing their power, and unlocking more powers (at least with Baxter and Angela). The more belief coming from mortals, the more powerful the Guardians and the mystical species are. Especially the Guardians.   Noel Magi-Ergokinesis: The Magic of Christmas is created by the hopes and loving hearts of the mortals each year. It is absorbed by Noel Crystals then it is used to supply all the mystical power throughout the Noel Realm. The power runs the city, the workshop compound, and The Plane of Christmas Mystics . This additional form of power also powers Santa’s Christmas Eve Flight. Obtaining it used to be hard. Now, the Human Collective Consciousness (HCC) is more powerful and humankind brings their power now as well.  


Magical Energy comes in two forms. One is Aether (Ancient Power Aether). Othertimes, it is called Magic Dust. Dust is what is left behind from the Magic Community. Magic Aether is found in various colors but it is mainly associated with Baxter and the Rulers. With Baxter, the myriad of colors represents his lordship on Earth over Ancient Power. Nicholas and Christmas will have gold, red and green dust. Some animals (Griffins/Gryphons, Pegasi and Alicorns, Dragons, Unicorns, and Santa’s Christmas Reindeer) leave behind a streak of dust (viewable to all past 2020) when they fly. They also can leave it on the ground.  


The majority of Christmas Magic is made by Humans celebrating Christmas throughout all six continents. Santa and the elves use it throughout the year to power the entire village. Christmas Eve also uses some power as Santa delivers. Christmas Magic is made on Christmas Morning which helps Santa to finish his deliveries.
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