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Center of Christmas Magic and Spirit City

Second Heart of Christmas and North Pole City
  Center of Christmas Spirit and Magic City is the new home of all Christmas Beings beginning in the latter half of 1845. It is a gigantic metropolis. The toy workshop was too small to accommodate the population boom in mankind, so Santa moved to his new location. The entire Christmas Beings Family now thrive, serving millions of children here.   From 1845 onwards, magic is limited but still a part of life. By orders of Nicholas and Gertrude as High Royalty of Christmas, it is to be used seldomly and only by certain people.   The North Pole is now a place where Magic is almost replaced by technology. Although all understand, the elves now live in this place with technology and feel disconnected from Ancient Power. This is to be unexpected. The elves are also sad. This sadness is for the Humans who don't know what they're missing. Nicholas combats this by allowing them to build toys while he is away.   Then in 2020, The Guardians bring back Ancient Power. And it now rises once more. Things are returning to how they were.   And all is right again!  

Description of North Pole City

  North Pole City is divided into areas or districts. Below are links to their own articles.   Christmas Town Central District   Elfin Village Area   The Quarters and Outer Limits  



Baxter's First Visit into Center of Christmas Spirit and Magic City

  “HO HO HO! We approach the wall.” “What wall?” “The glimmering glacial wall that protects our home.”   As Santa and Baxter pass through, there was lots to see! There are elves happily working, walking throughout the village completing tasks. And there are reindeer and Polar bears pulling sleds.   Baxter sees a bustling city, including the Outer Limits and the forest. Then Santa steered the deer to Claus Palace. He flys into the front yard and both exit the sleigh. Mrs. Claus meets them. After greeting. Baxter was shown to his room.

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