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Belief of Christmas Magic

The Christmas Spirit is sustained through Humans and their belief in Love, Hope, Peace, Faith, and Joy. It is a holiday that has a spirit. Metaphysical in nature, this spirit is powered by people participating in holiday celebrations, getting stronger as more humans join in the celebrations.   The Human Collective Consciousness (HCC) plays a powerful part in Christmas Magic as it is what sustains this holiday spirit. As it does all spirits. It interacts with all of Creation, those made by God (most living beings) and those of Ancient Power created by Incantus and Isis Mystic. In Auld Lang Syne, Santa Claus had to depend on Ancient Power until Christmas Magic took off.   All the traditions and customs come over time adding more power to Christmas as a holiday. Most humans lived side-by-side in Harmony with Ancient Power. However, they soon come to love Christmas as this holiday is for families and friends spending time together as well as gift exchanges.  
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New holidays are not always accepted if it seems they go against Ancient Power. Christmas, being the first, is one that wasn’t as controversial. Most human customs would eventually be re-worked into the holiday of Christmas.
Christmas Magic came later than Ancient Power but “The Human World” started pulling away. It is believed that some of them started spewing false truth that magic is evil. This only added fuel to the cultural fires. Wars increased due to various beliefs. Human expansion increased as their population outgrew land space. This also causes various species of animals to die as humans hunted them for food.   All this to say that Christmas Magic took a hit and belief dwindled Soon, both worlds separated. And The Mystical World eventually fades away from Human memories. Now, only children are able to see and communicate with mystical beings.   Could it return? Will it return? Two questions worth asking and yet never are. But things happen if we have faith!   Would Christmas Magic survive? Even with magic weakening, it held.   It came backs stronger as did Ancient Power.   Dangerous Location/Dark or Anti-Christmas Christmas Magic comes from Humans and their collective consciousness. On many levels, this is dangerous. Why? It is dangerous due to evil forces (such as Claude/Claudius, Santa's Evil Brother) of Darkness Faction already seeking to suppress Hope, Joy, and Love. If he and the Darkness Faction control The North Pole, it is possible that Ancient Power will not exist. Least not in the same way. Would you, dear reader, want to live in a dystopian world where death and destruction reign? Would you want to live in a world of hate, hoplessness, violence, greed, and chaos? Just something to think about.
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