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Belief in Ancient Power

The Realm of Ancient Power is sustained by Humans/Mortals through their belief in the mystical world, and therefore magic. It was Humans and The Human Collective Consciousness (HCC) that gave birth to the enchanted Spirits and so it is the same belief that ensures Ancient Power surivves.   Hoilday Spirits and the Ancient Power Spirits act as energies that interact with mortals/humans and supernatural beings.   The Spirit of Ancient Power is only alive due to humans believing in magic and the mystical world. The Holiday Spirits are powered by people participating in holiday celebrations, getting stronger as more humans join in the celebrations.   Historically AKA In Auld Lang Syne, both worlds lived side-by-side in Harmony. Then The Human World started pulling away. It is believed that some of them started spewing false truth that magic is evil. This only added fuel to the cultural fires.   Wars increased due to various beliefs. Human expansion Increased as their population outgrew the space. THis also causes various species of animals to die as humans hunted them for food.   Soon, both worlds separated.   Years pass and The Mystical World eventually fades away from Human memories. Now, only children are able to see and communicate with mystical beings.   It was much later and without Humankind knowing that mystical species leave Earth as they couldn't survive in this world as it is.   Could it return? Will it return? Two questions worth asking and yet never are.   The Guardians stayed behind for the children. They depend on the spirits. And yet, using them also energize the HCC for use each and every year.   The final Guardian is the key to Magic returning. But nobody knew. It took time to gain the knowledge of rekindling the Realm of Ancient Power. Ley Lines and Mystical Monuments are then powered up once more. All Guardians feel at their full (or near full) power. The modern human population believes.

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Jul 3, 2023 17:03 by Drake Ragon

Nice twist in the whole "sounds like religion but is none" theme. Wich is only positive through and through. Came as a little suprise to me - which is allways nice thing to happen. Or lets say for your work to achive.

„You are so blinded by the present that you cannot be enlightened by the future.”
Jul 4, 2023 04:09 by Benard Calvin "Hunter" Hendrick VIII

Thank you, Drake Ragon! I appreciate you commenting. Please keep an eye on this world as I will add more articles soon! Please ask me if you have questions.

Aug 10, 2023 18:25 by Elspeth

I love the idea of a power source which only exists if people believing in it. Great article.

Aug 11, 2023 16:49 by Benard Calvin "Hunter" Hendrick VIII

Hey Elspeth87!   I want to thank you for reading my articles. I appreciate you taking a moment and commenting as well. I hope you have a SUMMERCAMP and a good August!