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Ancient Power


What is Ancient Earthly Power?

Ancient Power (sometimes styled as Ancient Earthly Power) is an infinitely powerful and supernatural force, responsible for most of the supernatural events on Earth. This neutral-by-nature force is wielded for either good or evil, light or dark magic.  

Magic as Natural Resource

Magic is a natural resource. Magic collects in places. Magic, specifically Aether, may be used as power in mystical objects/items/relics so users could tap into their powers directly from the Aether or from things like crystals which hold the Aether so it can power locations or what have you.   Example: Ley Lines and Mystical Monuments and Mystical Items Ley Lines, the power network of magic on Earth, crisscross the globe. Some of their magic has been transferred into artifacts. These lines sometimes mark sites that are doorways into other realms. While Magic Scholars know of the Mystic Isles, there are possibly many more worlds.   Created by gods or ancient peoples, mystical objects/items/relics are used as conduits of Aether.  

Magic as Outside-Context Power

Magic is an outside-context power. Magic is the power of a god, eldritch being, or extraplanar entity from outside of our realm. Example: God deities   Deities of Ancient Power    

Magic as Extra-Depth

Magic is itself a consciousness with extra-depth. This subtype is "reality as the consensus", where the fabric of the universe is created or stabilized by what people in it believe.   Example: Holiday Magic and Spirits, AEP Spirit and Magic and users from those spirits These enchanted entities have a sub-consciousness courtesy of the Human Collective Consciousness (HCC). These spirits act as energies that interact with mortals/humans and supernatural beings. None of them are conscious self-aware yet. It is possible any or all could become it in the future.   The Spirit of Ancient Earthly Power is the spiritual sub-consciousness of Humans believing in Ancient Power. Each of the holiday spirits is powered by Mortal Humans. The more minds participate in holiday celebrations, the better it is for the spirit of whichever holiday it is. Those who depend on spirits, such as Santa Claus and other Guardians, use them as a way to energize the HCC for use each and every year. It also helps to keep Light and Life on Earth.  


Magical Energy is known on Earth as Aether (Ancient Power Aether). Aether that is left behind from the Magic Community become Magic Dust. Aether is found in various colors but it is mainly associated with Baxter and the Rulers. With Baxter, the myriad of colors represents his lordship on Earth over Ancient Power.   Some animals (Griffins/Gryphons, Pegasi and Alicorns, Dragons, Unicorns, and Santa’s Christmas Reindeer) leave behind a streak of dust (viewable to all past 2020) when they fly and on the ground.  


On Earth, the laws that govern Magic are shown in many places. The major highway of Ley Lines is connected to smaller highways. But most of what are called Mystical Monuments are on the major highways (Stonehenge or Machu Pichu for instance).   There are also Seven Chakras of Mystical Energy, which are high places of Magic, across the Earth.   Let’s talk about Polar Caps. Since the Magic will eventually return to the planet, you’ll also see the Aether around the South Pole. At Santa’s North Pole City, there is always an abundance of Aether.  

The Darkness Faction/The Destructiveness of Ancient Power

In the Realm of Ancient Power, there are two factions. One is called “The Darkness” after the prime dark spirit of magic seeking to cause a dystopian world where death and destruction reign; where the Ley Lines are used for evil purposes. The Darkness believes in spreading Hate and Chaos, suppressing any Hope, and killing off everything that us good.   If any of their agents manage to control either pole, any Mystical Monuments, or locations that serve as a source of immense power which can be used to amplify a magical being then it is possible that Ancient Power will die.   The ultimate goal of Dark Magic is to cause Ancient Power to die by having people and children coward in fear and without hope and love. And by causing discord between Human World and Mystical World, even within each. Without the Guardians, this part is easy. But getting rid of them isn’t.   Dark or Anti-Holidays and their leaders are part of this faction.  

The Light Faction/The Constructiveness of Ancient Power

The second faction is the most well-known in the Realm of Ancient Power.   The Faction of Light is the biggest faction where Good seeks to harmonize between and within both the Human and Mystical Worlds. It seeks out in spreading Love and Hope, suppressing and killing any Hate, and changing the world for the better.   Agents of Light use either pole, the Ley Lines and Mystical Monuments, and other such locations that serve as a source of immense power which can be used to amplify a magical being to bring about Harmony and Peace, Love and Hope ensuring it can survive many centuries into the future.   This is their ultimate goal.  

True Believers

True Believers (or Purest of Heart and Faith) are humans, primarily children, who believe in Ancient Earthly Power and Christmas Spirit as well as the other Holiday Spirits. It is their belief that fuels magic, as well as the existence of it.   This is how the Guardians survived after Magic vanished. Since children have the purest of faith, they are primarily the ones who are targeted and so it is each Guardians' solemn duty and pledge to protect the Children of the World.   A child believes because their heart is magical and pure. This is why they see differently. This is why children are often True Believers and have “The Heart of The Truest Believer” because they have pure faith without “The Darkness” in them.   The Guardians know this and they will always protect the children. As Nicholas said but others continue saying, “Good or bad, naughty or nice, We [the Guardians] protect them [the children].”   Children are the first to remember Magic when they see it although their memories may fade with age. Children are the first to see Magic and the species when they returned. Children can also see spirits, people who are dead but not passed over or who return when the veil’s torn open. Children can sense things adults can’t. They know things that adults don’t believe they know.
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