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Infinite Imaginations

Infinite Imaginations is a wondrous place for all sorts of people from all different walks of life come to have fun, play, talk, and encourage each other. within this realm are several other realms where folks can interact.   Worlds within worlds exist for endless possibilities. characters from several different stories can mix and mingle, finding out about each other's homes and having a good time.   there are areas where people can chat, seek advice, share work, display art, and more.


Infinite Imaginations is a digital realm but some may argue that it's quite ethereal.


The Server is full of creatives who share inspiration, cultivating growth and continuing the cycle to perpetuate an environment of everlasting wonder.

Ecosystem Cycles

though there are seasons of passive activity, several bursts of energy throughout the year whenever creative events appear. these include Summer Camp, NaNoWriMo, and WorldEmber, but most notably The ECC! The Epic Character Challenge often spurs lots of creativity in worlds and stories, inspiring authors and summoning more characters into the realm.


Infinite Imaginations was birthed by Wordi who wanted to cultivate a place that welcomed people from all walks of life with different interests and goals but most of whom shared one common thread: creativity. painting, writing, art, photography, cooking, or just exploring their own infinite Imaginations, one by one, the population grew. though it is not the most bustling place on the Internet, it is a lovely and cozy community where everyone feels inspired, welcomed and loved.


some people come and go after events such as the ECC or other roleplay opportunities , but many who visit decide to stay even after said event has ended. whether lurking in the shadows or being active every day, each member of INFINITE Imaginations is appreciated and loved.
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