Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the power they are graced with.
— Brodi Ashton
  This world has it's own Earth, which is overpopulated by a sapient species called humans. More than 80% of these humans currently have Powers. In most of the countries across this Earth, the humans have information about their powers written on their identification cards.  


The origin of the powers is supposedly a mutation that happened around 1000 years ago. Nobody knows who patient zero was but the mutation has been traced back to a settlement on the eastern continent.   Those with Powers are called posthuman while those who do not have any powers are called the Powerless. In the beginning, those who had powers were the freaks, now those without them are viewed as remnants of an old world.   There are five classes of powers; Manifest, Control, Amplify, Transform, Erratic.   75% out of the posthumans only have one ability, like creating bubbles or the power to glow in the dark. This is normal, and you are expected to fill a normal role in society. With a good profession like a Welfare worker, a doctor or a teacher. You can choose whichever profession you have available to you. If your one power is high level you can even choose to become a Safety worker.   If you have two or more high level powers you are expected to become a Safety worker, sometimes titled a Hero.   More on this can be read in the article about Powers.


Superhero, Urban Fantasy, Romance (LGBTQ+), and Slice of life.


Bleak grey to Noble bright, depending on the country and story.


Love, Family, Morality and Power.
Revenge vs. Justice, Man vs. Self, Man vs. Nature.


The technology is mostly contemporary, however, more people living in this world have internet and technology available as the poorest countries have started to become richer.
The hero is not fed on sweets, daily his own heart he eats.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
  There are many cities on this planet. It's littered with them. The largest metropolis can be found on the eastern continent of Earth.


Warport is the largest city in the world as well as the largest port.   The city is the capital of the Kingdom of Grellan situated on the continent of Acerem.   The city used to be a tiny fishing and port village until around 400 years ago when it became the capital. It grew in size quickly until around 100 years ago when the city became the largest in the world and put the previous largest city, Eimwell, in second place.   The city has the largest tower, the oldest underground metro, and it is also a big center of research and development.   Issa Central Station is the central hub for all public transportation inside the city, like the subway, the busses, the railway, and the skyrail. Warport Station is the hub for travel outside of the city as it's an airport, waterport, and railway station.
The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.
— Felix Adler
  The Earth of this world has two large landmasses and 4 or 5 continents depending on how they are counted. There are 189 sovereign states. With the self-declared states, there are a total of 199 countries.


The furthest left landmass is the continent of Holma, while the smaller landmass connected to it is the continent of Kattalan.   The continent of Norlan is the landmass in the middle while the continent of Acerem is the larger landmass to the right of it. The lower part is called Wenest and is by some considered it's own continent.
He did what heroes do after their work is accomplished; he died.
— Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
  The Humans of this Earth believe that they are the only sapient species inhabiting their planet. They aren't.


I am currently working on two stories in this world. There will probably be more.  


This is a series following a vigilante named Karma and the famous Superhero called Dauntless, the master of storms.   Superhero romance with a bit of mystery and angst.    


Blake is a park tender and Silas is something more than the two roles that he plays.   Urban fantasy, slice of life and romance also with a bit of mystery.


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