One of the youngest races of the galaxy and yet from their horrible up lifting have become one of the four nations. They are a race who have become a mixture of tech and organic. A influence that has changed their way of life for better or worse.    The fairies are a race with simple goals to untie body and machine into the perfect being. They also value their peace and privacy having the strictest laws and policies to ensure it is kept that way. Fairies enjoy experiments and code to help develop the Union and themselves.    Fairies love to see themselves as the minds of the galaxy. A title they have rightfully earned.


Major language groups and dialects

Culture and cultural heritage

Their old culture has been forgotten and such adopted the philosophy of "digital is life." All heritage sites are holographic or available on the galactic library.

Shared customary codes and values

The combination of tech, mech, and organic. The more fusion of the three the more accepted it is.

Average technological level

The Fairies have one of the highest tech levels compared to others allowing automation to be part of their everyday lives even in their military. The fairies may be short and weaker than most make up with it smarts and a rocket punch or two.

Common Etiquette rules

The fairies have a very laid back personality so simple hello or nod is more than enough. They tend to adopt other races greetings when meeting with them.

Common Dress code

The fairies want to show off their cybernetics, implants, and mechanical parts so they wear what's best to show off. They never cover up their wings unless injured.

Art & Architecture

The landscape of the fairies is a cyber fantasy. Tech placed proudly throughout their worlds to show their connection to it. Even fashion and art is reflected the same way as to improve the connectivity of the technological and organic whether through physical or mental means.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Fairies tend to raise their hands or arm when downloading/uploading items for the library. A custom that started one day and just stuck.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When a fairy is being born the family can watch through a livestream and when the baby is born they are enhanced immediately after birth.

Coming of Age Rites

At age 5 They are connected to the galactic information of the galactic library. Age 7 they are tested for intelligence and every few years. Age 10 implants are placed in improve mental and physical strength. Maturity age of 25 they are freely able to accept and change their body at will.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Before one passes away from old age their mind and memory are downloaded into the net of the Galactic Library to live in another form. The ultimate form of life in their eyes. The body is stripped of all forms of tech and the body is donated for research or hospitals.

Common Taboos

Fairies loathe those of their kind who go all natural. Any one of their kind who refuse their lifestyle of tech and organic is seem as trash.

Historical figures

The wings of 7. Mechanic team of outpost 7. General Haili. Commander Yuaila. Leader Grore.


Beauty Ideals

The more attuned they are with technology the more they radiant beauty.

Gender Ideals

The line of gender have become blurred as the mixture of technology and organic is becoming more and more difficult to see as septate.

Courtship Ideals

The intelligence of one being as it places you in certain positions.  The courtship must be a competition of intelligence. In competing against one another in code making. The better code shows who dominant in the relationship or can refuse courtship.

Major organizations

Diverged ethnicities
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