Wayward Galaxy

U.G.C 7th of 3rd of 5000th.

Created by CCPadilla
Welcome to the universe of the U.G.C (United Galactic Community), where civilizations spanning across the stars coexist in a delicate balance. The galaxy is home to four distinct nations, each with their unique cultures, beliefs, and technologies. The United Clan federation, The Jade Empire, The Autonomous Union, and The Ash Sovereignty are the dominant forces in the U.G.C, and the history of these nations is filled with tales of war, bravery, and adventure. From the legendary Warrior God Zolom, who led a rebellion against the oppressive Imperium, to the Ash Sovereignty's Blood Empress, who rules with an iron fist, this galaxy is teeming with fascinating stories waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a student of history, an adventurer, or just someone looking for a new world to explore, the U.G.C is a place like no other.
If you wanna hear music and audiodrama of the galaxy please check out the YouTube channel: Wayward Galaxy info radio.   Also if you wanna join he galaxy please check out the shop at ko-fi link at the bottom of the various pages.