Wayward Galaxy

U.G.C 7th of 3rd of 5000th.

Created by CCPadilla
A Galaxy somewhere in the realm of infinity among the stars. A place of untold riches, adventure, and danger. Races of fantasies, melded together with Science and magic beyond our comprehending. Elves becoming one with nature even allowing trees to breathe in space. Dwarfs dwelling above a planet core living with intense heat and pressure. Pixies and fairies combining one own mind to machines allowing the line of machine and organic to become thin. Beasts and Monsters allowing one own spirit to fuel their powers and to survive the harshness of space and worlds unknown.   A galaxy only for the brave of heart and skin made of metal. If so, take that step. I'll be waiting.   Signed Entity
Hello people from around the world. I made a Kickstarter to expand the galaxy into greater heights. Please check out the Kickstarter project Wayward Galaxy.   The Kickstarter has cool rewards from artworks, custom music, books, and a comic.   If you wanna hear music and audio tales please check out the YouTube channel Wayward Galaxy info radio.