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The Frontier

"Sand consume us." - Frontier saying
  The Vegas Frontier is an inhospitable area that takes up most of the land outside of the major cities. The Frontier has not been thoroughly explored, as both the native flora and fauna as well as the new residents prevent it from happening.  


Vegas Rangers are the only official presence in the Frontier, hunting down and suppressing gang members in the area. Sunwood Ranger Outpost is the only active Ranger outpost. Other Residents of the Frontier are mostly made up of exiled gangsters, bankrupt gamblers, wanted criminals, and people who want to "live off the grid."   The Dune Kings and the Blood Snakes are the two pirate gangs that operate within the Frontier. Crime is difficult and expensive to control, and the two rival gangs are incredibly violent. Existing is hard enough in the Frontier, but thriving requires a brutal and unrelenting philosophy.   Bitter plants and dangerous animals are the only reliable form of sustenance. Native ichthys trees make for incredibly strong wood for building shelters. Creative residents have even made vehicles made entirely of the wood. Ichthys wood is somewhat famous for being used in very rudimentary spaceship hulls, an impressive feat of engineering from the tough denizens of the Frontier. It also makes for an expensive commodity outside of Vegas.


The Frontier takes up most of the planet, making the majority of its surface unsuitable for human life. Rolling sand dunes go out for thousands of miles. Hardy ichthys trees sparsely dot the landscape, one of the few plants and natural sources of shade for wildlife. Some ichthys trees bear edible but bitter fruit.
Alternative Name(s)
The Blight of Vegas, The True Sin City

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