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Oasis City

Oasis City is similar to Earth's Vegas, but much larger. The bulk of the city is owned by the Vercetti Family, a laissez-faire group of mobsters who make most of their money from legal dealings (with the obvious backing of illegal force). Other families within Oasis City have influence on regions of the city, with the Tsyganov Family having a lot of support from inner city criminals who prefer a more honest and open approach to organized crime.   Neon-lit casinos and clubs litter the winding streets of Oasis City. Millionaires, businessmen, gangsters, bounty hunters, gamblers, and working class citizens flock to The Diamond in the Rough. Cash, opportunity, work, and hope are all the best the city has to offer. Poverty, death, and exile are the less sensationalized yet all-too-common occurrences in the depths of the rich Oasis. Tourists and residents alike must be careful not to go down the wrong alleyway or slight the wrong mafioso.   The only natural source of water on the planet is located in the middle of Oasis City.

Alternative Name(s)
The Diamond in the Rough, The Oasis, The Big Strip, The Entertainment Capital of the Galaxy
Owning Organization
Vegas System Government

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