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Mercury Riots

The Mercury Riots were a collection of prison riots on the penal colony of Mercury during the Solar Wars. The prison gangs of Mercury united to take over the planet, and for a time UEC presence was eliminated. The riots lasted from February 20 to December 10 of 2065.  

Initial Riots

On February 20, several prisoners attacked warden Jerome Banks of Epoch Penitentiary. Banks and many prison guards were killed during the attack, and the prisoners soon controlled the entire prison. Nearby UEC personnel attempted to retake the site, but resistance was too great for the local forces.   For several months, the prisoners were free to do as they please. Light infighting occurred, but the gangs were relatively peaceful. They used the abundant amounts of food and water in the kitchens to feed themselves.  

UEC reoccupation

On November 20, the French Foreign Legion laid siege and invaded the prison. A large portion of Epoch Penitentiary was burned down during the fight, destroying much of the food remaining. By December 10, all of the prisoners surrendered and their leaders were executed by military personnel.
Start Date
February 20, 2065
Ending Date
December 10, 2065


Prisoners of Mercury
United Earth Coalition


  • 50,000 prisoners
  • 600 Prison Guards
  • 2,500 French Foreign Legion


  • 3,455 prisoners
  • 600 Prison Guards
  • 147 French Foreign Legion


Occupy and Defend Mercury
Reoccupy Mercury

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